Archangel Chamuel The Angel Of Love Romance

Archangel Chamuel The Angel Of Love Romance

God sent his angels to help humans on all levels with their issues and they quickly come to aid those who call upon them with faith. Humans are centered around relationships and love is an important matter to the angels believe it or not. Chamuel was created by God just to help us with these particular matters. Here is how. 

Archangel Chamuel’s name means he who sees God. Therefore, he is able to see the connection between everyone and everything.

This archangel has a very gentle, sweet energy the times I’ve worked with him. A spirit of love envelopes me whenever I call upon Chamuel. He can be called on in relationships, to manifest your twin flame or simply to help you love yourself.

He is a seeker and assists with finding what is lost. It can be an object, your relationship, your job, something within your home. He has that vision that allows him to see all things. As all archangels, they are omnipresent. They can be in several places at one time.
Because they are of God, they have the power bestowed on them to transition anything you need.

Archangel Chamuel is a beautiful angel to work with. As mentioned above, his energy is gentle; much like Raphael. I have had experiences where my heart has been broken and have called on Chamuel and Raphael to help me heal and love myself regardless of what happened.

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Many times, we go through things that shake our security in ourselves and we need to reconnect with our SELF. My recommendation in working with Chamuel is to begin by asking to love yourself completely and the right way. We can love ourselves without ego and without materialism.

He will begin to cultivate that Godly love for ourselves and in time, that attracts that right jobs, the right lovers, the right friends, the right lifestyle into our lives. He also keeps our relationships with others peaceful.

I love working with all the angels. They are the most enlightened beings afforded to us in this world. Aside from God himself, they are just amazing gifts that can assist us in our daily living.

What are some signs to recognize Chamuel is close by?

archangel_chamuel_02Inspiration – you will feel inspired to become more spiritually aware and get closer to God and his angels

Worship – because God’s angels dwell in the place of worship – retreating to that special place be it a physical church, chapel, meditation room, your bedroom; you can start playing songs of worship or simply lift up your own voice in worship and start to feel the presence of God and his angels.

Confidence – you can suddenly feel self confident and love yourself out of nowhere.

Communication – your communication with others begins to improve

Pink light – some people have said that when they call upon Chamuel, they see a pink aura or pink hue begin to fill their space


How do I work with Chamuel?

Simply saying a prayer or affirmations such as this:

Affirmation #1

“Thank you Archangel Chamuel for helping me love myself and for bringing love to me at all times and all areas of my life. I receive your blessings”

Affirmation #2

“Thank you Archangel Chamuel for helping me in my current love situation with_____ and bringing___ closer”

Simple effective Prayer

“Archangel chamuel, enter this me love myself and others unconditionally. Help me with finding the right relationships, jobs, friends and to always have peace.Amen”

Archangel Chamuel is connected to the heart chakra – I would say if you work with crystals, Rose quartz would be the best crystal to implement. Perhaps carry a piece with you at all times to remind you of the love you want to attain and to keep your heart open as well.

Working with this angel is beautiful. His love will start to blossom in your own heart and you will begin to see things with clarity and love.

The greatest gift we can give is love and it begins with loving ourselves.


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