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  • Love Tarot Astrology April Forecast

    Love Tarot Astrology April Forecast. The month begins with Venus in Aries. Aries is energetic, exciting, and independent. It is the first sign of the zodiac representing audacity, adventure, and taking risks. There is no holding back with this sign. When Venus, the planet of love, softness, indulgence, and luxury enters this sign, we will […]

  • How To Keep Your Third Eye Chakra Open

    Your Third Eye Chakra is the chakra or the energy center that is in between your eyebrows that is where your psychic abilities and intuition are powered by. It also helps you distinguish between intuition and false thinking. However, it is very easy for this chakra among others to become blocked for various reasons which […]

  • Why You Need The Influence Of Saturn In Your Life

    Many people fear the effects of Saturn when it begins to transit a house in their horoscope because of how it is known as the ‘Great Malefic’ which means it is believed to be a ‘bad luck’ planet. Whereas, whenever Jupiter makes a transit, because of it being known as the “Great Benefic’, people get […]

  • Discover Which Enneagram Reveals Who You Truly Are Based On Your Astro Sign

    Discover Which Enneagram Reveals Who You Truly Are Based On Your Astro Sign. The concept of the Enneagram is becoming quite popular, and if you are unsure of what it is, it is a personality typing system that represents and describes how people manage their emotions and conceptualize the world around them. There are 9 […]

  • Love Tarot Astrology March Forecast

    Love Tarot Astrology March forecast. Beginning on March 10-12th, the Sun, Moon, Neptune, and Venus will be hanging out in Pisces throughout the month. This is called a stellium, meaning that three or more planets are occupying the same sign bringing its enhanced energy to the collective. Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac […]

  • Tarot 9 Of Cups Wishes Do Come True

    Ā Tarot 9 Of Cups Wishes Do Come True Tarot 9 Of Cups Wishes Do Come True. Ā The Tarot cards represent a language that transcends the tools we usually use in order to receive and send information. The Tarot messages originateĀ from a space of unity and divine guidance. If you like to listen often to what […]


    THE Ā ACES IN THE TAROT THE ACES IN THE TAROT. What do you think the 4 aces in the tarot represent? There are 4 ACES in a TAROT deck: Ace of wands, cups, pentacles, and swords. A magic hand appearing through the clouds from up above is handing something to you. Each suit of cards […]

  • The Easiest Tarot Spread

    TheĀ Easiest Tarot Spread TheĀ Easiest Tarot Spread The Easiest Tarot Spread. Are you looking for an easy go to tarot spread that you can use to answer any basic question? Are you also looking for a tarot spread that has few cards, gives straight forward answers and leaves little room for confusion? Ā Try out this Ā simple […]