Love Tarot Astrology March Forecast

Love Tarot Astrology March forecast. Beginning on March 10-12th, the Sun, Moon, Neptune, and Venus will be hanging out in Pisces throughout the month.

This is called a stellium, meaning that three or more planets are occupying the same sign bringing its enhanced energy to the collective. Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac representing endings, dreams and imagination.

When Venus, the planet of beauty, love and relating to others is in Pisces, an exaltation of worldly compassion, unconditional love, and widespread healing is available to everyone.

Our values, lifestyles and relationships will experience endings or enter into new phases of expression. Energy is cyclical and all things eventually come to an end.

Take advantage of this time to gain empowerment and an opportunity to free yourself from what no longer serves you. When it comes to love, this is not the month to force romance.

Let go of love matters that no longer hold any value or pleasure.

simplicity tarot cards strengthAries

Strength Tarot Card: As Aries season begins this month on the 21st, you can prepare to get comfortable with the spotlight and attention. The start of the month was the time to let go of what didn’t work in past relationships and work on yourself. As you level up, you’ll attract better people and circumstances.

Taurussimplicity tarot cards the World

The World Tarot Card: You’re going to finally learn your lessons and graduate to a new cycle. You’ve been experiencing some heaviness in an area of life that has overstayed its energy due to a particular attitude you’ve been holding on to. Let it go and this month, you’ll feel satisfied, enlightened, and hopeful.

simplicity tarot cards Wheel Of Fortune Gemini

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card: A feeling of expansion in friendships and progression towards your goals is happening this month for you. This will result in you having much more optimism about the future. There is a practical energy that asks for you to plan financially so you can partake in the opportunities coming your way and possibly a spontaneous romantic trip.

Cancersimplicity tarot cards The Sun

The Sun Tarot Card: Expect positive attention and the desire to acknowledge the light in others this month. You may have been paying attention to things that bring you down and making you feel unmotivated and closed off. You’ll feel the desire to shift your focus resulting in peace and happiness.

simplicity tarot cards The EmpressLeo

The Empress Tarot Card: You’ll be able to tap into love, connection and pleasure. This is the month to revel in luxury and abundance. When you reflect on what you have at this moment including your relationships and material items, you can find yourself impressed by what the universe had provided.

Virgosimplicity tarot cards strength

Strength Tarot Card: Illuminations and realizations are happening in March as the end of a cycle is coming. It’ll feel like you are receiving all the solutions to your worries and discerning which ones you can let go of in order to receive ultimate healing.

simplicity tarot cards JudgementLibra

Judgment Tarot Card: You may be tired, but this month, you’ll receive the motivation to give one last internal push to really rise up. You’ll feel reborn and renewed because a heavy situation is gone. Your transformation will be visible to all. You are strongly attracted to new people and ways of relating.

Scorpiosimplicity tarot cards The Hermit

The Hermit Tarot Card: Spiritual energy is surrounding you and healing you so that you can elevate in consciousness. This month, you’ll get opportunities to discard and do away with bad habits that have held you back and replace them with higher vibrational ones. You’ll attract the right people when you do this.

simplicity tarot cards JudgementSagittarius

Judgment Tarot Card: You can be in control of the transformations that are occurring this month if you decide to consciously leave behind what has been holding you back. Don’t worry about the misunderstandings you’ve had with others in the past and embrace a new relating and appreciating.

Capricornsimplicity tarot cards The hangman

The Hanged Man Tarot Card: You are well-trained in making sacrifices in order to earn the ultimate prize. Additional surrender is required this month. Get in touch with your intuition and step away from tunnel vision to show you what or who is being neglected.

simplicity tarot cards the WorldAquarius

The World Tarot Card: Happy surprises that expand your life perspective and bring in new opportunities is the energy that is available to you this month. Embrace uncertainty and don’t allow distractions to trigger you back into old, unswerving behaviors. Remain unbothered towards negativity.

Piscessimplicity tarot cards The Moon

The Moon Tarot Card: Manifestations are coming through much faster, so pay attention to your emotions and keep them in check when necessary. This month is perfect for emotionally connecting to your fantasies and dreams because they’re materializing and coming your way.

This month is a time of big endings with Pisces season and major beginnings as we start anew with Aries season and the spring equinox. If you do your part in releasing emotional baggage that has accumulated from all areas of life including your relationships, you’ll be able to catch the adventurous and energetic vibe that Aries has to offer. Welcome communication, independence and relatability that is to come.


“Hi, I’m Emilie a New York City, native who started to dive into the world of tarot and spirituality over twenty years ago. And, I just love the Tarot. I love the tarot because it has helped me in so many ways. It has helped me navigate through the rubble that life sometimes throws our way, helped me connect with lost ones, helps me make the right decisions.

Following my deep love for the Tarot and reading as an expert over the years, I decided to turn my passion into my career. Now I am a full-time diviner (Tarot Readings )and help others through tarot just as it has helped me.

I also love teaching tarot. I am an Instructor of tarot (Learn Tarot )in which I teach my students how to become confident readers for themselves and others. On the side, I also am a tarot deck creator. I am the creator of Simplicity Tarot ( My Tarot deck )with several more decks in creation. I am a lover of everything in the forest, crystals, and of course roses.

If you are in need and looking for help I am here to help you every step of the way through tarot and divination without the fluffy fairy tales.

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