How To Keep Your Third Eye Chakra Open

Your Third Eye Chakra is the chakra or the energy center that is in between your eyebrows that is where your psychic abilities and intuition are powered by. It also helps you distinguish between intuition and false thinking. However, it is very easy for this chakra among others to become blocked for various reasons which can include allowing negative thinking to get the best of you or sinus infections.

When your Third Eye Chakra is blocked, you may have a lot of sinus headaches, struggle with indecisiveness, struggling to master new things, and may have insomnia. You may also feel paranoid and have a lack of faith in anything. Fortunately, there are easy ways to keep the Third Eye Chakra open which will be covered below:

Utilize Crystal Therapy

The first thing to do in order to help keep your Third Eye Chakra open is to utilize crystal therapy by getting the right types of crystals for this chakra. The recommended crystals are:

  • Amethyst – This gem is well-known as it is actually associated with the Third Eye Chakra, and it is known for its protective energy as it is necessary to have while clearing this chakra. It helps increase intuition as well as encouraging positive thinking. It is a good stone to have in order to gain wisdom.
  • Black Obsidian – This stone is a good one to use in order to ground you and to keep you protected from negativity as well. In fact, it is important to carry with you in order to be safe from psychic attacks.
  • Purple Fluorite – This stone is known to help sharpen intuition as well as getting rid of thoughts that are not clear and are muddled up. In fact, this stone is recommended to be used when you are having to make a decision that may need a lot of thought.
  • Clear Quartz – This stone is actually tied to your crown chakra, however, the reason this one is recommended is due to the fact that this gem amplifies the effectiveness of the other stones. It will have a stronger effect on clearing your Third Eye Chakra.

You will want to carry these crystals with you at all times, as you can wear them as jewelry pendants. Keep them by your bedside as well when you are sleeping so the energies are around you.


You will want to utilize the crystals as well while you are meditating. Find a comfortable place to sit in while meditating by closing your eyes, clearing your thoughts, and breathe in and breathe out. Hold the crystals while you are doing this and envision your Third Eye Chakra opening by seeing a purple circle on your forehead. Do this for at least 15 minutes a day.


You will want to try different yoga poses as well such as the eagle and child poses. This will help open up your Third Eye Chakra as well.

Foods Matter

The type of foods to eat does have an impact on your Third Eye Chakra which is why you want only the eat the right ones. The best foods to eat for the Third Eye Chakra are dark chocolate as it has properties to help keep it open. It helps to increase serotonin levels as well which keeps your mood upbeat. Foods that are rich in Omega 3’s are also important to eat such as salmon, chia seeds, and certain nuts as it is great for your mental clarity.

You also want to eat purple foods such as plums, eggplant, blueberries, purple grapes and even red wine that has a purple appearance. it promotes anything that the Third Eye Chakra represents as well as balance.

If you do this on a consistent basis, you will keep your Third Eye Chakra open no matter what obstacles you face!

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