Love Tarot Astrology April Forecast

Love Tarot Astrology April Forecast. The month begins with Venus in Aries. Aries is energetic, exciting, and independent. It is the first sign of the zodiac representing audacity, adventure, and taking risks. There is no holding back with this sign.

When Venus, the planet of love, softness, indulgence, and luxury enters this sign, we will experience a bold attitude within our love matters and our brave side will come out. We will be attracted to others who are fun-loving and that aren’t afraid to be direct.

With so much energy being directed towards the things we love, there is a possibility we can start to clash with them if we are indulging too much. Beware of arguments, competition, and ultra-aggressive behavior in yourself and others.

This is when you know it is time to back away and look for balance and peace. Collectively, our personalities will have expressions of courage and passion. Take advantage of this transit to go after you want unapologetically. When it comes to love, keep it light and playful. This energy represents flings and impulsiveness. Chase or allow yourself to be chased when it comes to your love relationships for added excitement during this transit.

The Chariot Tarot Aries

The Chariot: You’ve been in some heavy energy and it’s time to move forward so you can attract adventure and confidence. You’ll have to move out of your comfort zone to do this. Make sure you are moving forward with reason and not blind action. If you have a clear vision of your desires, you can make major moves this month.

10 of cups tarot Taurus

10 Of Cups: Joy and fulfillment is the feeling you’re vibing on this month because you are seeing progress in something you’re working towards. You’ve been carefully taking the proper steps and you’ve experienced delays and frustrations, but because you’ve been steadfast, the path is clear and you’re charging ahead with a smile.

3 of cups tarot Gemini

3 Of Cups: You can keep of with all of the energy that’s happening this month. This is a good time to network and sees if your associates still resonate with your evolution. You can also utilize your network to get ahead. They are a beneficial source of connections and solutions this month.

7 of swords tarotCancer

7 Of Swords: It’s a sensitive time for you. People’s bold behaviors can throw you off. You can see the intentions of others clearly and it’s important to not take it personally. This is a lighter energetic time, but you can make it very heavy if you engage in aggression and competition because it won’t necessarily work in your favor.

9 of wands tarotLeo

9 Of Wands: It’s time to renegotiate everything. You want newness in many parts of your life and it requires making new deals. You may want higher pay or commitment in your relationships. You’ve got to speak up about it and discuss the terms that will come with these shifts. See that asking for more isn’t a strike at your pride, but an expression of how brave you are.

page of swords tarot Virgo

Page Of Swords: You are finding new truths in your relationships this month, including the not-so-healthy ones. This enlightenment is helping you make decisions on how you will move forward, but it feels inspirational. You’re not afraid to express yourself or ask questions. You are desiring a change and it is happening fast.

justice tarot cardLibra

Justice: You’ve been working to keep the peace and it worked for a while, but now it’s backfiring. It’s a lot of work to save face, yours, or someone else’s. This is the month, to tell the truth. It feels vulnerable, but it will improve your relationships with lovers, friends, and family.

The Fool Tarot cardScorpio

The Fool: There is a lot going on for you lately and it’s important that you plan to do something new and fun. Wishes are being fulfilled for you this month but will involve a lot of managing if you’ve been acting on impulse. Think positively and feel gratitude for receiving all that you’ve asked for even if it’s not coming in the most ideal ways.

five of swords tarot cardSagittarius

5 Of Swords: When people are overly fiery with you, you can choose to get angry back at them or you can rise above it. You can keep up very well with all the fire that’s going on around you and you may find it fun. Everyone’s being blunt right now and you are participating in it too. Serious conversations are happening, but if you choose to get angry, you can lose out on what you want.

six of wands tarotCapricorn

6 Of Wands: You are fully in your boss mode. You are confident in your capabilities and you know exactly what you bring to the table. Things are going well in your projects and relationships and you are leading with practicality and intuition. You are carrying a lot of passion and aren’t afraid to take charge boldly.

7 of swords tarotAquarius

7 Of Swords: You are a sign of emotional intelligence and you are experiencing people lose their cool left and right this month. These passionate expressions from others are making you see them in a different way that’s got you questioning your connection to them. You don’t necessarily have to cut anybody off, but they may be placed in new positions in your life.

page of wands tarot cardPisces

Page of Wands: You are very attractive this month. Your words and vibes are coming directly to you so pay close attention to your emotions. Don’t accept what you don’t want. It’s okay to be forward with others. They’ll appreciate you being direct over being led on. Accept exactly what you want, which is something new, and discard the rest.

This month will leave an impact on you especially if you stepped into your bravery and courage. You can demand your value with directness, but make sure you are considering others. Too much focus on yourself and selfishness can cause you to be a burnout to people making them distance themselves from you. Yes, you are the prize, but remember to compromise.

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