Why You Need The Influence Of Saturn In Your Life

Many people fear the effects of Saturn when it begins to transit a house in their horoscope because of how it is known as the ‘Great Malefic’ which means it is believed to be a ‘bad luck’ planet. Whereas, whenever Jupiter makes a transit, because of it being known as the “Great Benefic’, people get excited. They associate Jupiter with Santa Claus.

However, what people need to realize is that Saturn’s effects are not there to make your life miserable. Saturn is a great teacher, and it is a karmic planet. Sometimes areas of your life need to have restrictions and limitations placed in it which is why Saturn will do that and teach you self-discipline as well.

Additionally, easy aspects such as trines and sextiles involving Saturn has a positive effect as it will help bring you the focus and discipline you need and will help you achieve goals that you want to attain as a result.

What people need to do is think of Saturn in a different way. With that said, imagine how a child would be if the parents did not discipline him or her. The child would be out of control and would not know the difference between right and wrong. If a child is not properly disciplined then that will be problematic for when he or she reaches adulthood.

This means the child will not know how to spend money properly which means that debt that cannot be paid off will creep up. The child will not know how to take care of his or her health by eating only what he or she wants and not considering the consequences which will involve poor health as a result of a poor lifestyle. The child will not know how to keep a job. You see where this is going.

Everyone needs a teacher in their lives to help them become responsible individuals that can keep their life in order so they don’t run into trouble in every area of their lives. They need to have a teacher to keep them in check, and to keep them grounded. Limitations have to be placed on people’s lives in certain areas so they are in control. Having order and structure in your life is essential for your overall well-being.

That type of teacher is Saturn, and this is exactly why Saturn has a very important influence in your life. Additionally, you may think of Saturn as a punitive planet. However, that way of thinking needs to be changed because if you are working very hard in a certain area of your life, Saturn’s presence can bring you those rewards. For instance, if you are saving up to purchase a new car that you have always wanted, Saturn will know and once it makes the transit that is relevant for you to get the new car, you will get it because of working so hard to save up for it.

it is time to think of Saturn as the planet that provides you with the lessons, structure, and order that you need. Additionally, it will bring in rewards for hard work. Saturn’s influence is necessary for your well being.

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