7 ways to repel and protect yourself from negativity

7 ways to repel and protect yourself from negativity

7 ways to repel and protect yourself from negativity

Having Bad Luck Or Feeling Negative Vibes?

Having Bad Luck Or Feeling Negative Vibes? Here are 7 ways to repel and protect yourself from negativity. Let’s face it not everything spiritual feels like your walking in a field of flowers. There are some people who wish you ill, bad luck or simply want to block you from thriving. There is also the chance that negativity attaches to us when we are surrounded by it. This can come from negative people or a negative environment. It’s a catch 22 in the world of spirituality. The spirits can bless you with wonderful things but also others energy can harm you. So what do you do to free yourself from these negative vibes? Read below for seven ways that can help you.

Here are 7 ways to repel and protect yourself from negativity:

1- Sage it up.

Sage dispels negativity. Every morning I sage my shrines and my home to dispel the haters, negative vibes, and to refresh my home with positive vibrations. ( You can buy sage here from Mystical Cauldron or from Annas Secrets here)

2- Mirrors.

Placing mirrors on your doorways and around windows of your home repels negativity.

7 ways to repel and protect yourself from negativity3a- Rosemary.

The fresh herb of Rosemary is one of the most power plants to rid yourself of negativity. Buy the fresh herb. Place it a big bowl of water, cut it up with your hands. Let it sit for several hours and bathe with this mixture for 3 days. Envision all the negativity leaving you. You can even add some Florida to it as well.

3b- Ruda / Rue

Rue or called Ruda is my personal favorite go to herb.  Many Hispanics use it, it smells amazing and it is potent but it is hard to find fresh year around.

7 ways to repel and protect yourself from negativity4- Wear an eye charm

Eye charms protect you from the evil eye of others. haters who want to see you be unsuccessful and stops the jealous eye from harming you.

5- Prayer

I say prayer is the biggest defense yet many fail to do so. Maybe it is because their lack of belief that God can help them. If you believe that evil is harming you why can’t you believe that God can hear and help you? Pray every day. During the day and once before going to sleep. Prayer does not have to be something drowned out and long. Pray to your spirits of light, God and to all your protective spirits to shield you from any kind of negativity. Pray in faith and feel Gods light protecting you. Know that you are protected and you shall be.

6- Consistency

Don’t let the spirits of laziness get to you. Consistency is the key to overcoming spiritual attacks. The number 3, 7 and 21 are spiritual numbers. Apply for these numbers in days, hours, times, etc to everything you do in regards to protecting yourself. One day of prayer is not going to cut it. Anything inconsistency has more power.

7 ways to repel and protect yourself from negativity7- Turn shirts inside out.

Old Tratado: An old Hispanic way to quickly get rid oneself of anything negative that was thrown at you is to wear and/or to sleep with your clothes inside out and turning your clothes backwards.

I remember seeing the Viejo’s doing this. It was normal for us growing up and everyone knew why they did it.

May this help those who need it. There’s always a solution to every battle.  Don’t let anyone or anything take your light. Uplift yourself with spiritual solutions and never just feel you’re defenseless. God hears all who ask for aid with sincerity.

God bless. Emilie ( Emmy )

What is another effective method you do to repel and protect yourself from negativity? Comment below

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