Tarot By Emilie

Tarot Reader Emilie MoeHello, My name is Emilie (Emmy). I am a Newyorker Latina with a passion for Tarot and helping others through Love & Relationships with my gifts. Because of my culture and spiritual practices, I’ve accumulated now over 20 years of tarot reading experience starting just at the young age of 11 reading tarot. I don’t discriminate on anyone. I love what I do. I’m accurate, love people, compassionate, down to earth and have helped thousands around the world. I teach tarot, in the process of creating my own tarot deck and take my profession very seriously. Even If the news is not the best news I give it but, in a compassionate way. I’m not brute but, I am completely honest. I rather give you the truth then have you hoping on false promises. This is not just my career but also my passion.

Aside from reading tarot cards, I have also embraced Angel Oracle cards, dice readings, coffee cups, writes blogs, have done live events in NYC and worked in local shops.

If you have any questions or are at a crossroad in your life, If you need help I am here.

My Background: I have over 20 years of Tarot Reading Experience. I have done plenty of Tarot reading shows in NYC, in person readings, Tarot reading radio shows, video tarot blogger. I became a full-time tarot reader in 2009. In the Summer/ Winter of 2016, Summer/winter of 2017 and winter of 2018 I was Usgames, INC ( one of the largest Tarot publishers one in the world)  Tarot reader for their NYC NYNOW trade show.  I have read for thousands of people with a full track of clients and written feedback online confirming my clientele track record and history of accuracy. Currently also in the process of completing my own self-published tarot deck as well.

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