Saint Valentine – The Patron Of True Love And Romance

Saint Valentine  The Patron Of True Love and Romance

The patron of love, marriages and couples, Saint Valentine is celebrated every year on the 14th of February, in literally one of the loveliest days on Earth: Valentine’s Day .  The feast day of Saint Valentine has been celebrated by the Catholic Church for centuries, but love is a universal feeling, so its celebration was quickly embraced by people all across the world, of all religions, nationalities and race. Today Valentine’s Day is considered to be the most popular celebration of romantic love. But the real life story of Saint Valentine and what it has become today  brings much mystery for most people. So, who was Saint Valentine? Did he really exist or is he a mere legend?

The Real Life of Saint Valentine

The real story of Saint Valentine is about love, sacrifice as well as faith. Valentine was a catholic priest that has lived in Rome, in the time of Emperor Claudius the 2nd.
The legend says that this young priest used to secretly officiate the wedding ceremonies between young Christian couples that were persecuted at the time in the Roman Empire.
Perhaps this is where his title came from, as the protector of lovers. He has helped many lovers marry in secret, but he was soon discovered, arrested and tortured to give up his faith in Jesus Christ. He refused to do so and even attempted to baptize the emperor to Christian faith, which lead to his life tragically ending in the year 269, when he was decapitated. With this action he became a martyr and later sanctified by the Catholic Church as saint
For those who believe he was merely a legend, the archaeologist have in fact discovered an ancient church and a tomb with the name Saint Valentine on it. His relics can be found today in the Saint Praxedes Church, in Rome, Italy.

Saint Valentine’s Love Story

Before being executed for his deep and true faith, the legend says that Valentine fell in love with the daughter of his prison guard, Asterius, named Iulia.
It is said that the girl was blind and Valentine helped her recover her eyesight miraculously and the two fell in love.
However, this was an impossible love . Being imprisoned and sentenced to death, Valentine left her a goodbye note signed “Yours, Valentine”.
This note was considered to be the first love letter ever sent, and the custom of sending love letters on Valentine’s Day has continued until today.
However, these day it does not have the sad signification of a goodbye note but, a message of love.

The Beginning of Valentine’s Day

More than two centuries after the death of Saint Valentine, Papa Gelasius has decided that 14th of February, the day in which the priest Valentine was executed, to become the celebration of his martyrdom.
Hence, the year 496 marks the first celebration of Valentine, now referred to as Saint Valentine.
The first celebrations of this patron of love and marriage were pretty different from the way in which we celebrate today. The emphasis was on the sacrifice and oblation of Valentine, not on love and relationships.
In the late 14th century, Geoffrey Chaucer wrote the poem Parlement of Foules, where he describes Valentine’s Day as the time when “every bird chooses its mate”. The poem was specially written to celebrate the engagement between Richard the 2nd of England and Anne of Bohemia.
Soon enough, the romanticism associated with the day of Saint Valentine became a tradition in medieval cavalry literature. This was also the time when Englishmen nobles started to send love letters to their wives or lovers signed “Yours, Valentine”.

Women have too started to consider Valentine’s Day the best time to declare their love for their husbands or lovers.  In the late 70s, a British publishing house started to print Valentine’s Day cards with love text and quotes suggestions to send to your loved one. Thus, the anonymous exchange of love notes started during this time as well.


Today Saint Valentines remains the most popular celebration of love all around the world.
Although it has begun as a Catholic celebration, today Saint Valentine is not celebrated by the Catholic Church on Saint Valentine’s Day. This is still raising many questions,  of why not so. Some believe  that there must be some sort truth to the legends behind Valentine that it is  connected with the pagan God’s feast day Lupercalia. Researchers Kellog and Cox say that it’s too great  of a coincidence that Saint Valentine is celebrated on the same date as the pre-roman pagan celebration of Lupercalia, and that the modern customs of Saint Valentine’s originate from this festivity.

Saint ValentinePraying to Saint Valentine

When facing a relationship or even marriage problem that you do not know how to solve, praying to Saint Valentine for help can aid your romance in time of need. Being the patron of lovers and romantic love, he is the saint that can help you with all your love or romance issues.

For attracting true love into your life and enjoying its blessings, Say these Psalms each once for a 9 day  Novena  over a lite candle dedicated to Saint Valentine.

  • Psalm 119 “Love of God’s Law”
  • Psalm 18 “Psalm of Love for God”
  • Psalm 31 “Love Yahew al Faithful”

Besides these lovely psalms, there are special Valentine prayers for calling out to love, and bringing love into your life, healing a wounded heart, as well as expressing your readiness for love.

Here is a simple Valentine prayer that you can use anytime you feel less loved or incapable of showing love and enjoying its miracles:

O glorious advocate and protector,
St Valentine,
look with pity upon our wants,
hear our requests,
attend to our prayers,
relieve by your intercession the miseries
under which we labour,
and obtain for us the divine blessing,
that we may be found worthy to join you
in praising the Almighty for all
eternity: through the merits of
Our Lord Jesus Christ.
May Saint Valentine through the power of God invested in him, bring you the love that you’re expecting in your life, as well as the love for God and all its mighty creation, and heal you completely through the precious lesson of self-love.

– (Author Unknown)

May your true love find their way to your door step and may you find the power of Saint valentine to help you in your romantic journey.  Much Love.  Emilie  ( Emmy )

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  • Prince says:

    Awesome post! He is one of the most sacred Saints and has shaped the meaning of love!

  • Prince says:

    Awesome post! He is one of the most sacred Saints and has shaped the meaning of love!

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