Should I Read Tarot Reversals

Should I Read Tarot Reversals

Should I Read Tarot reversals? This is a very common question that I receive from others trying to learn how to read the tarot. The tarot is a set of 78 divination cards that has upright meanings and if you choose to read the tarot in reversals it can be used as a divination deck of 156 different meanings.  “Wow! that’s a lot of information. That will take me forever to learn Emilie.” you are most likely thinking.”  But, is it really necessary for an accurate tarot reading? Do I really need to read tarot reversals? That is the question, my dear. Everyone has their own opinions on this topic and it has been much of a debate lately on tarot social media. Here is my personal input on the subject. I have personally been reading the tarot for over 20 years, currently, 33 years old and I have read for thousands of clients.  Tarot is my full-time business and I am a high volume tarot reader.  I’m crazy about the tarot and been around the tarot block.  Read below for my take on this subject and decide if you should or should not read tarot reversals.


Why should you not read Tarot in reversals

  • You have no idea what the tarot cards mean upright.
  • You can not decide before a tarot reading that you are or are not reading reversals.
  • Every time you see a tarot card in reverse you feel a negative impression.
  • You do not think reading tarot in reverse is needed.
  • You feel reading tarot cards in reverse confuses your tarot reading.

Why should you read tarot reversals

  • You have knowledge in reading all the Tarot meanings.
  • You feel comfortable reading the tarot upright meanings
  • You feel that tarot reversals can give a deeper insight or value in a tarot reading.
  • You are able to see the positive and negative aspects of a reversed Tarot card.

Experiment with reading the tarot reversals. The accuracy in tarot reading comes with what best feels comfortable for you. It can not feel as if you are going to the tied.  If you want a good book on tarot reversals  I recommend  The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals by  MaryK.Greer .

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