Love Tarot Reading With The 22 Major Arcana

Love Tarot Reading With The 22 Major Arcana

Love Tarot Reading With The 22 Major Arcana 

Love Tarot Reading With The 22 Major Arcana.The soon spring season carries the vibration of Love, Intimacy, and Communion. This upcoming season we are celebrating life and relationships, unconditional attention and the happiness that naturally comes from bonding with like-hearted people. Honor your heart this Spring, and you shall receive the gifts of your energy investment all year long!

For your benefit, I have created a list of Tarot Cards that may help you better understand the profundity of love and intimate partnerships. Using the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck to determine the sacred closeness with your significant other or potential partner, gives you another perspective on what to expect these following weeks.

Each of these cards has a spiritual message, especially for you. If one or more cards reveal themselves to you during a Tarot Reading, this is what they mean:

0 The  Fool: The new relationship and young love. The person who you do not know too much about.

1 The Magician:  The one who you feel has all the right elements that you are seeking in a mate.  There is so much chemistry between the both of you but, let’s see if they feel the same way about you.

2 The High Priestess: The hidden romance. The secret crush or the affair.

3 The Empress: The romance that is nurturing, is fertile and loving.

4 The Emperor:  A relationship with many rules, regulations and can be controlling.

5 The Hierophant: Here is a romance where you know that you can trust the person. This person is honest, has moral principles and will be completely loyal to you. This person came into your life to teach you the values of how true devotion can be.

Love Tarot Reading With The 22 Major Arcana6 The Lovers: A romance that will turn into a commitment. Your opposites complement each other. Love thrives in this relationship and so does the intimate connection. ( Photo: Alchemical tarot Robert M. Place The lovers)

7 The Chariot: This card in a romance reading indicates to move forward. Things will move ahead when you have the mindset to keep steering in the right direction. The champion is the chariot in the tarot. Through things can be rocky at the beginning this romance has the ability to thrive and make it through the hurdles.

8 Strength: In a romance reading this card indicates that you must maintain self-control, have patience with your significant other in order for things to bloom. It’s not easy and you will be tested. Do not handle this relationship like your others. Be passive, take your time with this one there is no need to rush.

9 The Hermit: This in a romance reading indicates that thing will not thrive as you may want it too. The hermit in a romance tarot reading speaks about isolation and withdrawal. You may be getting the cold shoulder and this person may rather be alone than in a partnership. This person does not have what it takes to be committed with another.

10 The Wheel Of Fortune:  You will fast luck with this person and get lucky. Sex and intimacy are in your cards. Luck though does not always last long as every wheel turns so does the wheel of fortune turns. This can be a short term but a good thing. Real, effort needs to be put in it to keep the wheel turning in your favor. This can be just a fling.

11 Justice: A fair and balanced relationship. This person is honest and treats you accordingly of how you treat them. Do not take this person for granted or they will simply move on to someone who will value their worth more.

12 The Hanged Man: There is a lot at stake with the person of whom you have fallen for. Is it worth the sacrifice, though?  Weigh out the pros and the cons. Remember not too short change yourself.

13 Death: In a romance reading the card of death indicates that an ending with this person is about to happen. Out with the old in with the new. Maybe it is time to move onto better things. A major change and transformation will take place in your love life.

14 The Temperance: Patience is a virtue. This romance will take longer than your average romance to heat up. I will not be surprised if you both have conflicting work schedules that will prevent the both of you from seeing each other as often as you like.  Have patience in order to find the right formula that works best for the both of you. You can’t rush love.

15 The Devil: This is a romance that is based on lust or someone who is already taken by someone else. Fear also is something that prevents this romance from moving ahead. The sexual intimacy in the romance though can be very hot and addicting. This may also become a toxic romance or even an abusive one.

16 The Tower: We have to experience the crash of a romance in order to find the right one out there for us. Be prepared for a sudden change that you are not expecting. This romance is about to fall. Are you going to still hold on to the broken pieces or move on to better things?

Love Tarot Reading With The 22 Major Arcana17 The Star: Fate called for this romance to be in each of your stars. You are connected through a spiritual connection beyond this physical plane.  A long term future for the both of you awaits you both if you keep the chemistry alive. ( Photo: The Star tarot from the rider waite deck)

18 The Moon: Open your eyes with this person and see past the clouds of illusions and manipulation. Do not live in a fantasy land. See things for what it is. This can turn into a crazy romance making you feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster with many psychological mind games.

20 The Sun: What a blessing to find such a person for you romantically.  This can become your best friend and your greatest lover. Joy, happiness, and success reins this relationship. God bless you two.

21 Judgment: In a romance, tarot reading this card advises you not to judge anyone from their past or you to judge them from your past relationships. Learn the lessons from your past relationship and apply them to this one. It is time to move ahead. Not everyone is the same.

22 The World: You have found the one you have been looking for finally. The world tarot card speaks about coming full circle with this person. They are worth your time.  They are worth going the extra mile for and there is a great chance for marriage for the both of you.

Love and relationships are more than attachment; it is a state of being that has the power to change your world and the perspectives of the people around you. Allow the Tarot Cards to bring more clarity and receive their messages with an open heart. Remember that you cannot desire something you were not meant to have!

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