How To Cleanse Your Tarot Or Divination Cards

How To Cleanse Your Tarot Or Divination Cards

How To Cleanse Your Tarot Or Divination Cards

How To Cleanse Your Tarot Or Divination Cards.  Tarot divination or any kind of card divination is an energetic connection that we channel the divines energy , the person’s energy receiving the tarot reading energy in combination with our energy onto the cards in order to receive information. Within time negative vibration built up can built onto the tarot cards causing unclear tarot readings, a feeling of discomfort and we can even absorb these negative energies onto ourselves.  This can also be more intense when we conduct multiple readings back to back or when we conduct a tarot reading where the tarot reading / card divination reading is surrounding heavy negative vibrations.  To dispel these negative energies off of your divination cards you must cleanse them spirituality. Here are several methods that I have used personally to do so and have been effective for me. I am sure that they are many other methods  such as salt  feel free to comment below to help others reading this.

What is great about these tarot cleansing methods  is that you can use these same methods to cleanse any kind of divination cards as well.  Many also use these same methods to even spiritually cleanse their home or themselves.


8  Ways On How To Cleanse Your Tarot Cards

1- Sage / Cedar bundle –

Sage and cedar smudging is one of the most popular ways to cleanse negative vibrations.  Smudge your tarot cards or divination cards with the smoke. I like going through each card envisioning the heavy vibrations dispelling from smoke of the sage or cedar.

How To Cleanse Your Tarot Or Divination Cards2- Palo Santo –

This mystical spiritual wood smells great which aids also with relaxation as well. Palo Santo is used for cleansing and purifying mainly though. Palo Santo also brings in good luck and raises vibrations when burned as incense. Work it through your tarot cards just as you would with the sage but, on a incense burner on coal.

3- Tobacco –

Tobacco is a common way Hispanics  or others from  African tradition religions cleanse their implements or empower them. Do not use cigarettes for it is high in toxins and will do the opposite use tobacco or cigars.

4- Burying your cards-

Many people bury their divination or tarot cards in protective cases in order for the ground to adsorb its negative energies.  Do this for about three days and then unearth your cards. The ground will rid it of is negative vibrations and also empower it. This is a great method.

5- Black tourmaline –

Black tourmaline is a stone used to adsorb negativity,  grounds and also protects. It is a very brittle stone but, a powerful one none the less. Use three of these stones in order to remove the negative vibrations from your tarot cards or divination cards. Place one on the top , in between your cards and then bottom of your tarot deck. Keep it placed here for about three days in order to remove all negative vibrations.

6- Archangel Micheal –

Archangel Micheal is the angel of protection and slays away negativity with his almighty sword. Many who believe in angels work with Archangel Micheal through prayer. Pray  while envisioning his sword removing negative attachments upon your cards to clear these negative vibrations away. Then, ask Archangel Micheal to protect your tarot cards.

7- Talco – Talcum powder –

Taclo –  Talcum powder is found in baby powder is a source that Puerto Ricans has used to remove negativity for many years. It has the same spiritual cleansing proprieties just as Cascarilla . Cascarilla is used to cleanse , remove and represents purity. Sprinkle some of this on to your  divination cards or  tarot cards while feeling energetically the negative vibrations being removed.  This powder is also good when your divination or tarot cards becomes sticky due to natural hand oils that stays on your cards from consistent use.

8- Florida Water –

Florida water is a cologne used for spiritually cleansing and refreshing purposes.  I love this stuff. It reminds me of my grandmother. It is used in many spiritual baths to infuse these energies and also smells great.  I highly do not suggest though to spray it on your tarot cards because, it is an liquid. You do not want to damage your sacred divination cards. Instead apply some to your hands and then unto the cards.

Happy Cleansing – Much love as always – Emilie Moe  ( Emmy )

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