Saint Peter Remover Of Binds And Opener Of Doors

Saint Peter removes binds and opens doors

Saint Peter removes binds and opens doors

Saint Peter removes binds and opens doors. In honor of this most loved saint I  decided today to write a small blog about him since today is Saint Peters feast day June 29th though others honor him on other days as well. Saint peter know also as Simon Peter who is the patron of fishermen, net makers, ship builders.  Many today though work with Saint Peter to strength their faith in God, open roads and remove binds.

Saint Peter removes binds and opens doorsThey call upon Saint Peter to strengthen their faith because, of the many miracles performed by Jesus with him such as walking on water, the miracle of gaining plenty of fish when they were struggling and healing the soldiers ear after it was cut off.

The keys in Saint peter hand is a symbolism of Saint Peters ability to help people with breaking binds and opening roads in order to retain good things in life given by Jesus himself to him.
Call upon him or light a novela in his name to aid you to come out of any bind.  Jesus said unto Peter “You are Peter, a rock and I will build my church upon you. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven.” This is the power to help get people into heave and open their doors in life. When faced in a situation where your doors and road seems to be closed call upon Saint Peter. His keys has the ability to unlock even the most closed doors.

Peter was also know to deny Jesus three times, being rescued by an angel and being crucified upside down. Peter felt he was not worthy of dying the way Jesus did and asked them to hang him upside down. He also represents the trails and error of a human. How we are not perfect, how God forgives and how we can redeem themselves through good deeds.

  • His sacred day is Tuesday
  • His colors are White and red but, some also connect with him with blue.
    Offerings/scared items : Keys. Fish. Arak liquor. Water. Upside down cross. Candles.
  • Some have also connected him with the Orisa Eleggua because, of the keys and ability to open doors.


Prayer to Saint Peter:

O glorious Apostle, who received the power of loosing and binding, pray for us, that, being free from all sin, we may live and die in the grace of God. Obtain then for us a perfect faith, firm hope, and ardent charity, that as we draw nearer to the close of life, we may daily grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. Guide us, O blessed Apostle, through all the dangers of this exile, till fear and grief be over. O humble martyr of Christ! you who now behold Him, not as on Thabor, but in the full splendor of His glory, pray for us now and at the hour of death. O then come, blessed Apostle, and take us to Jesus, that we too may love eternally. Amen.

Write down your petition on a paper .  place anointing oil on it aligned with your intention and say this prayer daily over a seven day candle until it is burned down.

Saint Peters picture from

May the divine power of Saint Peter remove the binds that limit you in life. May the power of Saint Peter open the doors towards unlimited blessings.  God bless- Emilie Moe

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