General tarot reading

Learn How To Give General Tarot Readings

Learn How To Give General Tarot Readings

Learn How To Give General Tarot Readings. Have you ever wanted a tarot reading but,  did not know what to ask about? or  has someone come to you looking for a tarot reading but, did not have a set reason on why they wanted a reading  they just wanted a tarot reading? This is where general tarot readings come into play.  It gives you a general scope of what is  surrounding the person inquiring the tarot reading and prepares them to ask about specific questions afterwards.  The average general tarot readings covers information about the past , present and future. In my general  tarot reading spread that I have created I hit on major topics in ones life and read on it such as Love, money , family, health, near future and more.  Read on to learn a simple non confusing way to learn how to conduct a general tarot reading. 

The video shown below will explain how to conduct both general tarot reading spreads. One which I have created and another which is commonalty used. I used two real examples of two individuals I have selected from Facebook.



This is my general tarot reading.  Emilie’s General tarot reading. It cuts to the chase and hits on the most important topics surrounds the person wanting a tarot reading. You can  of course change the topics so that they can suit you better.  Add extra cards to the  reading topic if you get stuck and need more clarity on the topic. Do what feels the most comfortable to you.

Learn How To Give General Tarot Readings


The next is  the most common general tarot reading spread that you will see. It is  laid also is  nine  cards and read each card for its meaning. The usual right side row going  down is the past , the middle  row going down is the  present and the left side going down is read for the future.  The easiest way to get a clear general out look for me was to read each card at at time and then read the accordingly to its  position in time. Past  – Present – Future. I have never really been a Celtic  spread type of  girl general tarot spreads or tarot spreads that I have created on my own worked best for me. Do what works best for you .

General tarot reading


If you have any other suggestions on videos that you would like me to create concerning tarot message me on Facebook or use the contact button above. May your journey divining  with tarot be ever growing and always keep trying to find on how deep that rabbit hole goes.

With love,
Emilie Moe

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