What does your numerology number mean?

What does your numerology number mean?

What does your numerology number mean?

What does your numerology number mean? Numerology is one of the easiest to comprehend out of the so-called “occult sciences” because it is easy to understand and use. It deals with studying the numbers that determine and reflect the characteristics, talents and motivations and life choices of the individual.
The numbers in numerology range from 0 to 9 and 11, 22, 33 which are considered master numbers. Each of them have a different meaning. Number 0 is often times not used in numerology, but it has a lot of importance because it increases the value of the number it is associated with. 
Also called the number of destiny, each and every of these numbers have a particular significance, so here is what they mean.

Number 0 – The Infinite

Number 0 is emptiness and completeness at the same time, the masculine and the feminine, the endless possibilities and the total void, the essence of all things. In numerology, 0 describes a creative person that accepts others, and it stands for the potential and/or choice. It may also represent the man at the beginning of his spiritual journey.

Number 1 – The Natural Born Leader

With a lot of drive and determination, you doesn’t let anything stand in your way to fulfill your goals. You have the ability to foresee things and often times feel the urge to be in control and your exceptional creative sense will help you out.

Number 2 – The Peacemaker

Highly sensitive, easily influenced by others and a little shy, the person whose destiny number is 2 has a lot of intuition, patience and diplomacy in the way they operate. You work very well in groups and you always seem to create the path of harmony whenever there’s multiple different opinions involved.

Number 3 – The Talented

People whose destiny number is 3 have an innate talent, creativity and self-expression, that’s why they are often writers, poets, actors or musicians. You feel amazing in the limelight, you are funny and you are also great with words.

Number 4 – The Hardworking

Practical and with solid life principles, you have great determination and are very organized in achieving everything they put their minds to. You believe that all great things begin with a solid base on which you put all your hard work efforts into.

Number 5 – The Adventurer

You love adventures, travelling, variety and meeting new people, with a cat-like curiosity for everything life. You are always looking for new horizons and you make friends very easy that feel inspired by your amazing personality.

Number 6 – The Compassionate

People whose destiny number is 6, are always looking to be in others’ service, be of great help and assistance, and they do a pretty good job at this. You are looked at as healers and amazing support and you are capable of offering great comfort to others, as well as a good shoulder to cry on.

Number 7 – The Spiritual

You want to find answers to the most important questions of the world, on your journey to becoming your true self through spiritual awakening. You are always looking to investigate the unknown and find answers to the mysteries of life and your fine thinking and highly analytical mind makes this easy for you.

Number 8 – The Wealth Magnet

People governed by this destiny number are natural born leaders with a magnet for accumulating wealth and living large. You have great management skills in all fields, especially in financial domains, and your innate talents will most often get you to fulfill your dreams.

Number 9 – The Idealist

Deeply concerned for the way the world is heading to, you are a natural born philanthropist with a conscious that goes being yourself. You have a wide view of the world and have a tendency to look globally at things, with great compassion and eagerness to make the world a better place.

What does your numerology number mean?Master Numbers

Master numbers are the doubled numbers of 11 , 22 and 33. These are called master numbers because, they are brewing with power , hard to deal with at times , are considered to be older in spirit personalities and can be  fierce.

Number 11 – Master number – The intuitive

Those  that hold this number are very intuitive psychic beings. They hold several psychic  gifts, deeply connected to their spirit’s,  are life coaches, can become very overwhelmed easily because, they are highly sensitive to energies that surrounds them , leaders and deeply understanding. They are old souls.

Number 22 Master Number – The master builder

The number 22 it is said to be one of the most powerful numbers. Those that have this number can manifest anything into reality. They are leaders of masses and can build anything that they put their minds to. Some with this number can be egotistical, because of their great success and riches that they can reap once that plan is put into action. They are amazing business people, are ambitious, fearless and are high achievers.

Number 33 Master Number- The master teacher

The number 33 is said to be humanitarians, spiritual leaders and helpers of mankind. They are very enlighten beings  who are drawn to the spiritual aspect of things and helpers of many. They are sensible, nurturing  and view the world as a cup being half filled instead of half empty. Many are drawn to these people because, of their inner guidance abilities to heal the wounded uplifting personalities.

How to Find Your Numerology Number

Now you know that the numerology map is made of the numbers from 0 to 9 and 11 so if you want to find your destiny number all you have to do is to sum up the numbers that form your birth date, and continue adding them up, until you reach a number from 1 to 9 or  Master numbers  double digit 11, 22, 33 .

For example, if you were born in 12/12/1990, this means you need to add 1+2+1+2+1+9+9+0, which equals 25. Then you add 2 and 5, which means that your destiny number in numerology is 7. This is super-easy to do and also fun.

If you know how to use it, numerology can help you discover the path of your destiny and offer to you a glimpse into the future, with the help of the numbers.

In addition to the destiny number, there are many more other numerology calculus that you can make, for example to discover your dominant number, your karmic number, or your cosmic numbers.Understanding numerology as a simple instrument that can assist you on your path of self-knowledge that offers you some amazing general landmarks about yourself to help you on this journey of self-discovery and better understanding of the self.

With love,
Emilie Moe

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