9 Signs It's Time To Let Go A Romance

9 Signs It’s Time To Let Go A Romance

9 Signs It’s Time To Let Go A Romance

9 Signs It’s Time To Let Go A Romance. Every relationship that we have serves an important purpose that sometimes we are not aware of. There are high moments in every romance but, also down times. We try our best as humans to make it work even through difficult times but when is it time to move on because, it no longer serves us. There are signs that lets us know that this is not the person for us for our higher good. From my personal experience and speaking to thousands of clients these are surly some of the top tell signs that it is time to let go and move on though it may hurt. Releasing someone allows our heart to make room for someone attracted to what we need and want to enter into our lives. Hanging on can only prolong this process and hold us back.

9 Signs It's Time To Let Go A Romance# 1 Experiencing Abuse of Any Kind

Mental and physical abuse is a big red flag that it is time to let this person go. Love is not misuse of another. Abuse without proper professional therapy can lead to more abuse and a cycle of violence. In a relationship we are suppose to uplift one another , support each other and work through our differences. No relationship is perfect but, there should be a 0 tolerance for abuse. Remember a shove leads to a kick , a kick leads to a slap and then a punch. Mental abuse is just as bad if the person you are with be little’s you , makes you feel unworthy , ugly , or even worse as a person then it is time to cut this person loose. Analyze your life and see how you were before this person emotionally and now currently. http://www.thehotline.org/ Domestic violence Hot line

# 2  A Matter of importance

Relations are a great teacher and they are very important, if not the most important thing that we co-create with another being.
If your partner doesn’t make your relationship important, that’s a sign you might want to let it go.
What does this mean: from wanting to spending time together, to communicating with you, making you a top priority on his life and thus making a commitment to your relationship.
If you don’t feel this happening in your romantic relationship, he might be aboard on another “ship”, if you catch my drift. Don’t ever forget, a relationship is about two people making each other the most important person in each other’s life for the purpose of learning and growing together into their true selves.

9 Signs It's Time To Let Go A Romance#3 Not looking for a commitment and you are

If a person is telling you over and over that they are not ready for a commitment but, yet you are waiting for this person to change their mind you are living in false hope. You two are on different ships heading towards different directions. Partnership is about doing things in unity. Rejection and fulfillment will set it with some time. Dating a person where you have two different goals for the romance will lead to you being unhappy.

# 4 More negative times then good ones.

A relationship that makes you more miserable than it makes you happy should not be a relationship at all, right? What happened along the way that it no longer makes you happy?
Not feeling happy in a relationship may be a sign that it’s time to let it go, but also your gut telling you that you’re resisting your true natural self through negative beliefs that aren’t yours.If you have tried , tried and tried again but keep hitting a wall then it is time to stop pushing something that It resistant to moving forward.

#5 Lack of communication

Is this person repeatedly putting you on the back burner?
Not responsive to phone calls, text messages and goes M.I.A for several days? This is a tell sign that this person is not making you a priority. We all mostly have busy lives but, remember a simple hello or message just takes seconds to perform. In a world where communication is so easily at hand if this person goes on several days without responding to you then they are ignoring you and you are not a priority. Remember relationships require balance to be a functional balanced one. Aren’t you tired of being placed last?

#6 A hidden romance

If you have been with this person for a good amount of time over a year or more and they still reluctant to introduce you to their social circle or proclaim that they are seeing you.

#7 Cheating

The act of cheating is a tell sign that this person is wanting to involve themselves romantically with other people. This person wants to see others and is a tell sign that they are not ready to be with just one person. Once trust is broken it is hard to repair. Unless this person can do the hard foot work to try to regain this why be with someone who you feel you have to constantly worry if they are sleeping with another? This will only bring you no peace.

#8 They are in another relationship.

If this person is taken already they are still investing themselves into another person. Through their heart may not be invested fully into the other person this means that they are not ready to fully devote themselves to you. Having one foot in and one foot out. If you have been playing the waiting game for a good amount of time in order for them to leave another person in order for them to move forward with you them let them go. If they truly want a meaningful relationship with you they will do the foot work to break away to dedicate their time to you full. You deserve to be #1 not #2 on the side line.

9 Signs It's Time To Let Go A Romance#9 You are no longer devoted to this person

It happens. Love fades, love lessens and your heart is not commitment to this person as it use to be for whatever personal reasons. You may feel guilty because, this person is still head over heels for you but, a relationship takes two to work out. If you feel that this is more of a chore to be around this person this is a clear sign that it is time to move on. Set this person and yourself free.

Remember, the first relationship of importance is with one with yourself.

Having trouble letting go through you know this person is not good for you? We are all connected with energy I have written a blog on cord cutting energies from a person here that may help. Set Yourself Free With Energy Etheric Cord Cutting

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