Learn How To See Auras

Learn How To See Auras

Learn How To See Auras

Learn How to See Auras. In a previous post I’ve talked to you guys about what different aura colors mean and what they tell you about people.  However, in order to have this insight, first you need to learn to see another person’s aura, right? Exactly.  Some of you may already have this ability, but let me tell you, it’s not as hard as it seems, it’s just a natural skill we are born with, that we kind of forget along the way. You don’t have to be a highly spiritual person either to see auras, it just requires some determination and a few simple exercises that you can I will share with you in this blog.
First things first!

What are really Auras?

The aura is essentially a field of subtle luminescent electromagnetic radiation that surrounds every form of matter, but a deeper understanding of it shows that it is another dimensional layer of a being and the body is an overlay upon it.
All things whether they are living things or not have an aura.
Although most people may think that your body is giving off, or generates the aura, in fact it is the other way around, because it is the multidimensional aspect of you projecting itself physically as you.
They come in different colors and hues, shapes and sizes and even sounds and tell a great deal of information about people.

Why is It Important to Learn to See Auras?

Here are 3 reasons why seeing auras may help you:

1. The aura contains a great deal of information about you or another person and gives you a better understanding about yourself and other people as well.

2. Your aura reflects your thoughts that later translates into a physical symptoms, so it gives you great insight on your mental health that influences your physical health so you can prevent and cure medical conditions.

3. Seeing auras will help you develop true intimacy with other people and understand others better as well as understanding your effects on other people as well, because it goes beyond words and the physical bodies. You can even tell when someone’s lying to you from their auras.

If you want to re-activate this ability to see auras, you really need to ask yourself the real reason why you want to do this. However, you need to understand that from the source’s perspective, nothing has gone wrong if you cannot see auras. This is part of the big plan of creation that we can safely trust.

How to See Your Aura

An aura contains all colors within in, but when a practitioner tells you, for example, that your aura is purple, it’s because purple is the closest color to your skin. Here are a couple of exercises you can do at home to see auras.
Perhaps the best and simplest exercise for seeing the aura is this one. Hold one hand at an arm’s length in front of a white wall. First, look at on one of your fingers and then look right between two of your fingers, in a very relaxed manner.
When you change your focus in between the fingers, they will appear rather blurry, but you’ll start to see a light the contour that surrounds your fingers and fingertips, and that’s your aura.

Learn How To See AurasAnother helpful exercise is this one

Go into a room and turn off the lights so it’s almost complete darkness. The best moment of day to do this exercise is nighttime.
Make sure there’s still is a very poor light source in the room (maybe light from outside). Hold your hands at an arm’s length and look only at the wall in front of them. Slowly, close your hands together until your fingertips barely touch.
Allow your eyes to relax and focus only on “contemplating” the hands, not looking at them per se. You’ll start to see a light emanating through your fingertips at first, and that is the aura.

How to See Someone Else’s Aura

If you want to see another’s person aura, ask them to stay about 10 feet away from you against a plain white or plain black wall/background. Then you’ll want to look at the person’s nose with a relaxed gaze as if you’re not focusing.
Use your peripheral vision (out of the corners of your eyes) and the first thing you’ll see is a transparent fog around their head and shoulders, an inch or maybe half an inch thick. You can move your focus from their nose to their forehead, but never try to look directly at the aura because it will probably disappear.

Also, avoid blinking, because blinking is like a start over, but once you practice it more and more you’ll be able to blink and still see it. Every good thing comes with practice, right? This applies to seeing auras as well.
Imagine we live in a world in which people can perceive the unified quantum field that auras represent, and perceive the multidimensional aspects of each other.

This world would have no conflicts and wars, it would be a world with complete understanding of everything that’s happening, a world of joy and peace for everyone in it.
Thank you for stopping by!

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