18 Ways To Relief Stress, Depression or Anxiety

18 Ways To Relief Stress, Depression or Anxiety

18  Ways To Relief Stress, Depression or Anxiety

18 Natural Or Spiritual Ways To Relief Stress, Depression & Anxiety. In the hectic fast pace world we live in today,  it can seem like mission impossible to have a peaceful mindset and not be anxious.  If it is not one thing it is another  problem to worry about you say to yourself. If it is not a money issue then, it is a relationship issue to worry of. Even social media has us anxious at times connecting with so many people at once. Luckily though there are ways naturally to fight the good fight of stress and anxiety. Here are some ways that I learned over the years personally and seen first hand that has worked for others.  Choose what best works for you and apply it into your life to create a more peaceful mindset and de-stress for a happier life style.

# 1 Be aware of what you have not what you lack 

If you’re constantly focused on the things that you lack or the things that aren’t “right” in your life, you will build more and create more of those things that you actually don’t prefer. (The law of attraction) In this sense, it’s your job and your job only to create a new reality, a reality that pleases you.  How to do this? Simply focus on the positives in your life and  practice this daily. The cup  is half full not half empty.  When in a negative state of mind re-shift your energy into thinking about the positive outlook from the situation. This will place you more at ease. There is always something to be thankful for in your life.

# 2 Self Care

The physical body is the temple. It is a gateway to our inner divinity. When our body feels  good we feel  good emotionally. Learn how to pamper yourself when under stress.  Sooth yourself when you are down. Speak good things about yourself and also beautify yourself. Put on a nice dress even  if you are not going out, fix your hair, apply make up or pamper yourself to a nice spa day. This will boost your self-esteem and releases good endorphins into your body making you feel good mentally. On my bad days I put on my best clothes. It uplifts my spirits instantly. 

# 3 Massages and acupuncture 

Massages and acupuncture are another wonderful way to relief anxiety and stress in your body. Our body has numerous pressure points by applying pressure to these press points tension in our body can be immediately released causing the stress and  anxiety levels to go down. Hire a professional to do this. Acupuncture also has proven research to have the same effect. 

#4 Exercise

Exercise reliefs stress and anxiety instantly.  Studies have proven this over and over. Exercise also releases positive endorphins into your body that gives you an euphoric feeling and also helps you sleep better if you can not  sleep  due to  anxiety or stress.  Exercise also boosts your self-esteem and gives you a sense of accomplishment. A  few minutes  jogging can do so much for you. Every time I exercise I am so much more happier.  I feel great mentally and physically.  Even better is that it is free.

18 Ways To Relief Stress, Depression or Anxiety# 5 Meditation 

Meditation calms the brain and helps us focus on something else rather than the things we stress over. When we are anxious our brain is  thinking on several subjects all at once creating an over active mind. Meditation acts as a tranquilizer for the brain calming it down, keeping us centered , relaxed and feeling good. Mediation with Binaural Beat of 432Hz music is also proven to distress the body and relax the mind just by listening to its frequency. 

# 6  Spiritual  Cleansing  Baths

Spiritual cleansing baths is a powerful way to remove negativity , calm your being and reduces stress.  You can create your own spiritual cleansing bath HERE or by purchasing  one from a Botanica . Here is a video from our dear friend SANCISTA BRUJO LUIS creating one HERE that you can try on your own as well.

# 7 – Working with Saint Dymphna –

Call upon the Saint Dymphna when you are stress, nervous and for have anxiety. Pray to her or do a novela in her name to help you a stressed or when anxious. Here is a small blog that I did in the past with her prayers.

# 8 – Prayer

I always feel so much better when I pray before my spirits. I open up my soul to God and my spirits in complete faith that they are hearing me. Your protective spirits are there to help you when you are in need. They want the best for you and are there for you to help you carry your burden. Sit before you shrine, go into a room or pray however you are the most comfortable. Let out your worries out and Talk to them. The relief afterwards is always as a ton off  bricks has been lifted off my back.  The anxiety is suddenly gone and much of the stress is removed.

# 9  color Therapy  ( Chromotherapy )

Our world is created of many colors of the rainbow. Studies have shown that light colors  promotes happiness , brings stress levels down and also brings peace to the mind. This is because, it reflects light.  When feeling down, stressed or having much anxiety  I dress in lighter clothing to uplift your spirit. Being locked in a dark room will  only cause the opposite. Spiritually we also try to wear light colors on our head as well for the same reasons because, it causes us to have a cooler frame of mind. This also one of the reasons why I personally like to dress in white and surround myself around light colors. You can learn more about color therapy here.

10 Emotional Freedom Techniques ( EFT Tapping )

One of my clients introduced me to EFT tapping. EFT it is a form of psychological acupressure in which you tap on certain pressure points of your body repeatedly saying an affirmation used to treat physical and emotional ailments for over five thousand years. Personally I have seen some of the most anxiety ridden people heal their anxiety through, this method. It may seem somewhat strange but, it works.  YOUTUBE has tons of videos on it and I have recommend this method to many of my clients over the years.

11 – Cut down on caffeine

I am a coffee nut. I love my coffee so much but, it  does cause anxiousness. When you are stressed or having anxiety stay away from the caffeine. It will cause you to  have jitters even more and your worrying will increase. Red bull and all those other energy drinks fall into the same line of this.  Reducing your caffeine intake will give you a calmer peace of mind and rid some of your  anxiousness.

12- Talk / Surround yourself with love ones

When you are anxious being alone can cause you to fall deeper  into the state of worry because, you can feel that you do not have any kind of support. Anxiety starts to build when you feel that you have to deal with all the weight of the world alone. One way to alleviate this feeling is by surrounding yourself with family or people who love you. If they are  far speak to someone who will listen to you. Keeping your worries inside will built up only more tension, create anger and cause you to lack sleep. Relief this stress and anxiousness by getting it off your chest and speaking to someone who will listen.

13- Breathing Exercises

When you calm your breathing you calm you mind sounds simple right?  I think not, When we are having a panic attack , have  high  anxiety the last thing we are thinking about is  breathing correctly. We get so stuck in the moment that we do not know what to do with ourselves.  Breathing in deeps breaths calms you down right away. In an instant!  The extra intake of air into your lungs calms you down and centers you.  It also helps you refocus and brings your pressure down. Focusing on your breathing instead of the current problem at hand places, your worry on the back burner for some time followed by the ability to be able  to resolve the problem instead of letting the problem consume you. There are ton of different breathing exercises that you can learn. You can learn more by clicking on this link.

14- Art / Dance / Journaling

When you do not have that someone to talk too release yourself  by the practice of art.   Adult coloring books is the new trend for adults to relax.  The art of dancing also releases tension  by exercising and so does creating your own master pieces with your own hands.  Doing artist things  gives you a sense of accomplishment, boosts  your self-esteem and release worries.  Re-shifting set to focus on something positive always is a good thing.

The art of writing such as journaling or creative writing is  perfect when you do not have someone to talk to. This is another positive way to release anxiety and stress. Holding in your thoughts that are bothering you will only eat you up alive. Expressing these feelings and thoughts through writing helps  release the burden of stress while you put it down on paper.

15- Be in nature

I love nature. Being around nature  always uplifts my spirits. It helps  ground me when I am  anxious, feeling stressed or  simply in a bad mood. The  green colors , the clean air from the trees and connecting with mother natures energy re-shifts my negative mood into something uplifting and grounds me when I am anxious.

16 – Sex

I  wrote a Facebook post asking what was one way people relieved stress or anxiety and many said it was through sex. Well it seems that they were right.  Sex releases endorphins that make you feel great and also oxytocin into the body reducing stress and  anxiety. Sex can also help you sleep better after a stressful day and bring down anxiety because, of this. Be mindful of who you sleep with though, God knows you do not want to add more stress to your plate sleeping with someone who will only bring you more headaches.

17- Lavender

One of the most loved flowers to many.  Research shows that by ingesting its oil it can reduce stress and anxiety . Also by having the flowers around you inhaling its fragrance can help relax your mind, body and soul. I have several of these sachet around in my bedroom or in my pillow to smell When I can not sleep properly due to stress or anxiety. It calms down the mind and promotes peace.

18  – The Holistic way

The two natural vitamin supplements that I recommend is 5-HTP which  boost serotonin levels in your body  which are the feel good receptors in the brain and Vitamin B. Lack of the B vitamins is said to trigger depression and anxiety. If you are constantly feeling anxious or  down it is a good idea to go to your doctor to get your vitamin levels checked out. Listen to your body. When something is off with it , it will tell you.

May this blog help you all feel good and ease your mind. Take it away Nina Simone. Help us feel good with your music.  God bless – Emilie Moe  ( Emmy )

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