Healing a broken heart

Healing a broken heart

Healing a broken heart

Healing a broken heart. There is no such thing as going through something without growing through it. When turbulence strikes, the best option we have is to hold on to ourselves and find the anchors that bring some sort of alleviation. When we are faced with an apparently insurmountable amount of pain, our bodies enter a state of shock. The world falls apart, and we are left hanging in darkness. People often tell themselves and others that this too shall pass, but the reality is that time appears to dissolve in suffering.

A Tale

One of the greatest pains is the loss of a loved one. When a romantic relationship ends, we experience the profound collapse of broken-heartedness. What does it mean to have your heart broken? I once heard a legend from a small European village. A young man fell in love with a girl, and she responded the same way. Their families agreed to celebrate their union; therefore, the preparation for the wedding began. These were simple people, who were in tune with the earth and respected the laws of the heart more than reason itself. With each day, the love between the soon-to-be married couple grew stronger and stronger. Two weeks before the ceremony, the young man died in an accident. He was working in a building yard and the falling of a brick wall trapped and killed him instantly. When his significant other heard the news, she locked herself in her room. After a few hours, the family forced the door, only to find her breathless on the bed. When the doctors examined the body, they discovered that her heart had broken into four pieces. Thus the legend of the broken-heartedness began. The bride and groom were buried together, dressed in their wedding clothes. Because there was no physical illness in the young woman’s body that would have caused her sudden passing, villagers concluded that her heart had broken down due to the pain she felt as she heard about the death of her beloved.

Healing a broken heartLove

Love, unconditional loved, pure love, is the highest vibration of this Universe. It is the generator of life and the absolute medicine. However, most of the times, we tend to infuse the feeling of love with a sense of belonging and attachment. As this happens, we start to see our beloved as our half, instead of an autonomous being whose path unites with ours for a certain amount of time. When we as couples part ways, we experience a deep rupture. We feel lost, abandoned and despair overwhelms us. The simple action of breathing becomes too much of a burden. Unconsciously, losing someone we love equals death. However, what is almost impossible to understand during the darkest times of grief, is that the feelings that control us are not permanent. Depending on our inner structure, spiritual and social background and up-bringing, various amounts of time are necessary in order for the pain to become manageable.

Why Do We Feel Broken

Healing a broken heart resides into focusing solely on ourselves. In the midst of agony, mind discipline is imperative. It is said that what hurts the most is not the situation, but what we think about what had happened. The incessant stream of thoughts such as: “This shouldn’t have occurred”, “Why does this have to happen to me”, “I can’t carry on”, represents the catalyst of more suffering. This is how we spiral into negativity and bury ourselves in depression and panic.

Steps To Heal

Here is what you should take into consideration if your heart has been severely broken:

  • Focus on yourself. Do any small or big thing that feels pleasurable. Take time and care for your needs.

  • Gather with people that support you and listen to you unconditionally. Express what you feel, let it all out. You can also write down your thoughts, emotions, and expectations.

  • In these types of situations, leaving behind what reminds you of your ex-partner is essential. Donate or throw away the things that remind you of them. Do something different, something that wouldn’t normally engage in: take a trip to a place you’ve always wanted to visit, go to a spiritual retreat and detox your body, mind, and soul. Put yourself first and listen to your needs.

  • Soulful activities, such as yoga, meditation, chanting, and dancing, are also great healing tools. The more you stay present in your body, the easier will be for you to find the internal resources necessary for a complete healing.

  • Rest as much as you can. Sleeping is another powerful instrument that allows your mind and body to recover from turbulence.

  • Pray or engage in a spiritual practice, such as Reiki or Pranic healing, that infuses your being with light and cuts the cords with the past. These practices will liberate you from the identity you have built with your ex-partner.

  • Do the things that bring joy: paint, read, climb, horse ride, play with pets. If nothing seems to alleviate the fire that burns inside yourself, visit high vibrational places, such as monasteries or forests, or surround yourself with people that radiate calmness and compassion. In the presence of those people, your vibration will raise, and you’ll be able to detach from your pain for a while.

  • Remind yourself that healing takes time. Take each day step-by-step, and just slow down.

  • Practice forgiveness and, most importantly, start with yourself. You are doing the best you can with what you have. You are worthy of healing and integration.

This famous saying represents the silver- lining for all of us struggling with darkness, despair, and loss:

9 Signs It's Time To Let Go A RomancePain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

There is no way to stop things from happening. Only time shows us the bigger picture and the unseen reason why someone chose to stay or leave. What we can do is respond in a manner that reflects self-love and union with the sacredness that blooms all around us.

 This maybe one of the most personal blogs I have ever written. What about you love? How did you cope with losing a loved one?  – Emilie Moe 

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