THE ACES IN THE TAROT. What do you think the 4 aces in the tarot represent? There are 4 ACES in a TAROT deck: Ace of wands, cups, pentacles, and swords. A magic hand appearing through the clouds from up above is handing something to you. Each suit of cards in a tarot deck starts with an ACE, therefore they are the root of that suit and they symbolize the beginning of something. It can be love, a new passion, new thoughts and feelings, new opportunities financially and business wise, spiritual awakening and consciousness etc. These cards represent hope, the existence of possibilities or they signal change. You need to take action for it. They hold key knowledge for the future you are envisioning to create.

Now let’s take a closer look at each one of them.

Ace of Wands

It represents new business opportunities but it can also mean a new love or a sexual attraction. If you are looking for a new job, or if you have a new offer, this card tells you that it is the right time to move forward and take advantage of the opportunities ahead of you. If you are single, do not be close hearted, explore your options. Make yourself available emotionally. If you are in a relationship already, then this card represents a positive change and a new direction. Creatively and spiritually ace of wands means new awakening, a higher level of consciousness. Good health both physically and mentally. If you are thinking about making new decisions financially, move forward.

However, if this card is upside down, then this changes everything. It shows you that all of these opportunities and possibilities are still available to you but they won’t come easy. You will meet obstacles along the way and you need to be patient more than ever in order to succeed.

Ace of Pentacles

If you pay attention to the landscape on this card, you will see a beautiful and clear path leading into a garden full of flowers. This garden looks heavenly. Like the other aces, aces of pentacles represents new beginnings and opportunities. A flow of energy, prosperity and wealth. If you are feeling financially unstable, take this as a sign that you can move forward. You need to overcome your fears and obstacles in order to achieve financial freedom and abundance. Put your worries aside. Analyze the steps you need to take. It is not time to be afraid of investments because you might miss some very good opportunities. Keep your energy level high and think positively because by doing so you will feel the abundance in your life. Think about your plans and your goals in detail. Look around you. If you can’t keep a positive mindset, you can not see the doors that are available to you. Send positive vibes into the Universe to feel the benefits of Higher Consciousness.

If this card is upside down, it represents missed opportunities and your inability to make better plans at the present moment. Things that are holding you back are also clouding your better judgement.

Ace of Cups

This card represents more about you and your close circle of family and friends. It requires you to look inwards and see your true self. Ace of cups symbolizes peace of mind, creative and spiritual thinking. It also tells you more about your family life and your close friendships. It is an intimate card to say the least both in the sense of love and relationships and family affairs. The card also represents deeper intuition and your five senses too. You will experience spiritual and sexual awakening whether you are planning for it or not. You will feel more in tune with yourself and with your partner. It signals stronger ties within the family and new friendships.

If the card is reversed, it symbolizes sexual, emotional and spiritual blockage. Lack of connection and fear of being open-hearted. Think about all the obstacles in your way because it is time to overcome your fears, in order to go further in life.

Ace of Swords

A hand is giving you a sword with a crown at the tip of it. The land underneath is full of mountains and it is barren. On the one hand, ace of swords represents success and victory after overcoming the obstacles but on the other hand, it holds the possibility of danger and failure. What will happen is greatly connected to your critical and analytical thinking. The sword is a symbol of fight. So you need to work hard and fight for what you want. Only when you know how to use your power can you achieve success and victory. You need to be strong willed and use your strength for good things. Don’t be afraid of seeking and defending the truth no matter how hard it can be at times. Use your judgement and weigh your pros and cons before you make a decision.

If this card is reversed, it symbolizes disorder and chaos in your life. You are not able to make decisions and good choices. Your mind is clouded and you can not see things clearly.

THE ACES IN THE TAROTWhen conducting tarot readings I first take a step back and look at all the suits to see which is dominating the tarot reading spread. Here is how I know what the energy around the question is or that is surrounding the person. Right away you can tell if things will be positive, negative or neutral. Knowing each of the ace’s meaning in the tarot is vital in learning this method because it represents each suit’s dominate energy passed on to the pip and court tarot cards.

An activity for you to do with the tarot:

Take out all the trumps/majors from the tarot deck. Shuffle the tarot deck. Ask a question and lay out a small tarot spread. This can be a five card tarot spread or a nine card tarot spread. Now focus on just the suits in the tarot reading not, the meaning of each card. What is the main suit of the reading? ( The suit that is most frequent in the tarot spread? ) What do you feel this reading spread is telling you about the question just by the suits dominating the tarot reading?  Now read the tarot spread combining the tarot card meaning with each card.

What do you think the 4 aces in the tarot represent? Do you read these aces differently? Let me know by commenting below.

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