Connecting with Archangel Michael

Connecting with Archangel Michael

Connecting with Archangel Michael

Connecting with Archangel Michael. The Archangel Michael is one of only three archangels referred to by name in The Bible, joined by Gabriel and Lucifer. It is said that Michael, the archangel of protection, safety, peace, clarity, and forward movement, was the archangel closest to The Creator. It is Michael who leads the angels against the fallen one, Lucifer, during the war in Heaven, and much like he protected The Creator and the heavens in that battle, he continues to protect those who seek his guidance and help.
Where Michael is one who lives to serve and protect, he is easily accessible to any of those who wish to have him entire their lives. The process is simple if one is open and ready to seek his clarity, peace, and protection.

Connecting with Archangel MichaelStart by finding a quiet and serene space to ground yourself in. With your feet placed firmly on the ground, take a series of cleansing breaths to empty your mind of any negativity or counterproductive thinking. Think of your feet as roots, firmly planted into the ground for stability and security. With your physical being secure, continue to breathe deeply and in your mind, begin to invite the Archangel Michael to join you. Slowly, as you continue to breathe, you will notice a glowing circle of healing light begin to appear above you. This is the light of Michael, warming you with his healing and protecting light. Once you have seen and been enveloped by the light, call in Archangel Michael by saying, “Archangel Michael, please be by my side.” You will begin to notice the light around you change, shifting from yellow to blue. Visualize in your mind the Archangel Michael hovering above you with his sword to protect you. Once you feel this connection and the light around you has shifted to blue, ask for Michael for whatever help you need. Visualize Michael using his sword to cut away the negativity in your life. You should then visualize the heavenly angels that Michael has sent to protect you. The light will once again shift colors, this time from blue to yellow. When you are ready, return to your roots by focusing on your feet once again. Thank the Archangel Michael for his protection and finish by saying, “I am safe and protected, now and always.”

Here is a personal encounter that I have had  with Micheal saving myself and our family when I was younger.

DO YOU BELIEVE IN ANGELS? True stories that will make you believe

This experience saved my life and turned my belief in angels into an absolute truth for me. I was about 9 years old , my mother , brother and sister was in the car while my father stood outside of the car trying to shove a metal pole through the car window on a hot muggy Brooklyn morning.  My mother was in the passenger seat. After my fathers countless failed efforts to put the pole into the car safely he became irritated and told my mother. “I’m done Diana, lets go!! Just try your best to hold the pole up while I drive.” The pole was metal and heavy.  It was impossible for my mother to hold it up for a long period of time. Even worse If the car stopped short the pole would have ran right into us children in the back seat. My father got into the car and out of no where a homeless man appeared. He was dark skinned dressed in ragged clothes but, appeared healthy looking. He grabbed the pole and said ” DON’T HURT MY CHILDREN, LET THEM LIVE” and re-position the pole in a safe way. We were all shocked.. who in the world was this man coming up to our car yet touching our stuff.. how dare he!! Dad walked out looked at the pole and said WOW! yes that works. He went to thank the man and  POOF!! he was gone! In a blink of an eye he just vanished. Mom and dad looked for him well. We kept on driving and guess what? We short stopped a kid ran across the street. To this day we all still speak about this angel experience. We know we were saved by an angel.

May Micheal always bless and  protect you.

If you have had a experience with the Angel Micheal feel free to tell us by  commenting below. 

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