Archangel Haniel – The Angel Of Psychics And Love

Archangel Haniel – The Angel Of Psychics And Love

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The name of the Archangel Haniel signifies “God’s Glory” or “God’s Grace” and it is has very many variations such as Anael, Aniel, Hamiel, Onoel in old Hebraic texts, magical texts and amulets. She is also called Hanielle, manifesting a feminine energy that expresses the essence of God.
Often times depicted as a beautiful woman, archangel Haniel is the angel master of love, polarity, gender, emotions and feelings but also the guardian of love and relationships.
Haniel works together with each and every one of us to create the social and emotional connections that we need to experience on Earth, depending on our personal karma.

The Archangel Haniel of Love

While Archangel Michael, Gabriel, and Rafael have been mentioned in the holy books, Archangel Haniel is amongst the archangels that have been excluded from these texts, perhaps because it is connected with the planet of Venus and it is in charge with the erotic aspects of life on Earth. As you’ve maybe guessed, in Greek mythology Haniel was called Eros, while in Roman mythology Cupid. However, she wasn’t necessary depicted as the fair-haired angel, the ancient people believed that it was shooting honey-dipped arrows to those who were supposed to fall in love and venom-dipped arrows to those who were to quarrel.
Far from being a naive and playful Cupid, Archangel Haniel indeed manages the relations between people and takes care of the karmic balancing necessary to evolution. This means that Haniel decides when lovers meet and when foes fight following the Divine laws. Still, not all love stories have been written ahead, people can change their minds and the game after incarnation because we have free will.

Archangel Haniel is also the most competent angelic master in matters of sexual exploration on all levels. From the most innocent erotic experiences of teen lovers to mature couples and the art of sacred love, Haniel supervises, governs and offers help where it is needed. Archangel Haniel manages all the transformation, union, separation and sublimation processes that Yin and Yang go through. In the end, Haniel is the archangel of love, under all its forms and manifestations.

haniel , archangel haniel Work with Archangel Haniel to Develop Psychic Abilities

Archangel Haniel guides in the process of awakening our highest potentials that are in latent state, helping us raise our vibrational state to match the original one, of the Divine Grace. In this sense, Haniel helps forward the spiritual progress of humanity.
It is recommended that we invoke her help before important events, when you want to experience the divine grace, such as before an important presentation, a job interview or a first date. By invoking Haniel you will be able to manifest inner state of peace, serenity and joy amongst good friends, beauty and harmony.
If you want to access that part within yourself in connection with your intuition and higher mind, Haniel is the angel that can help you through this process.
Often times represented with a lamp in her arms, this is the symbol of spiritual light of knowledge, of illumination and of awakening through the development of psychic abilities. Haniel is the guardian angel that can help you unravel the most important spiritual secrets that have been lost by humanity on its illusory road to understand the world through its material aspects.
Hence, what Haniel does is to help us discover the mysteries of life, to develop capacities to communicate with the subtle world, psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and the tools to understand the divine messages and in the end evolve on a spiritual level.
Are your a psychic or trying to become more fluent in Tarot Reading?  If so then connecting with archangel Haniel can help you  increase your connection with your tarot or psychic readings. Extrasensory and psychic abilities can be learn through a personal “cleanse” done through meditation for finding the balance within, at least this is what Haniel recommends. Awakening the 6th sense and psychic abilities can be achieved when working with Haniel.

How to Connect Archangel Haniel

haniel , archangel haniel In order to connect with Haniel, you need to invoke her and ask for her help in your life. When we invoke her name and presence we need to have faith in our own universe and call. We will sense in our being a distinctive state that means her divine influence has started to benefit us. You may feel a tingle, a shift in the energy around you or a sense of another warm safe presence.

To connect with Archangel Haniel you need to ask for her help first! You can do this by simply focusing on her name and the situation you need help for, you can use an invocation.

Here is an invocation that you can try. ” Archangel Haniel angel of love and intuition I ask that you join me today as I read for {person’s name}keep me connected , shine your light upon this reading for clarity and aid me with my channeling. Thank you. Thank you Haniel for aiding me on today,for your blessings and joining us.”

Here is another one that you can try “Archangel Haniel, master of grace and balance, please bring your divine energy of wisdom filled with love for {describe the situation}. Thank you for guiding my thoughts, words, deeds and behavior and for helping me be joyful and show ways love to myself. May your divine grace of love pour upon me. Thank you, glorious Archangel Haniel, thank you!”

Moonstone, the Crystal of Archangel Haniel

Besides representing the planet of love, Venus, Haniel is also representing all feminine energies and femininity, being thus related with the Moon. The moonstone is the representative crystal for this mighty angel, being a crystal in deep connection with the moon. In this regard, its beneficial effects are sensed more intensely in the moon’s crescent phases. The moonstone is considered to be a sacred stone that brings good fortune to those using it, but it can be efficiently used with purposes such as health and pregnancy, love and mental balance, divination, sleep, protection and youth. In association with Haniel, the moonstone helps us find talents within ourselves, connect with our true passions and harnessing our strengths.
Moonstone is a sacred crystal that helps us awake the third eye and thus develop psychic abilities, but it is also a stone for women, for the fertility of the earth, of love and emotions and of fulfilled wishes. If you want to develop psychic abilities, this stone amplifies, stimulates and facilitates clairvoyance, intuition and the clarity of thinking. Keep it near or hold it in your hand when asking for Archangel Haniel’s help. Keep this moonstone crystal in a sacred place , making sure no one else touches and use it only when you connect with her to empower it even more. You can find more about psychic gemstones for love here.
May the Archangel Haniel’s grace, love flow abundantly into your life and she aid you in blooming your psychic abilities. Much love Emilie Moe ( Emmy)

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