Working with Saint Nicholas for Financial Abundance

Working with Saint Nicholas for Financial Abundance

Working with Saint Nicholas for Financial Abundance

Besides being the patron of children and their protector, Saint Nicholas is also a protector of the poor, of those in need, of those who cannot enjoy the gift of abundance in their life.
It is said that he was a bishop during the times of tyrant Emperors Diocletian and Maximilian and has led an ascetic life of piety of good doings and he performed miracles for those who asked their need.  However, few people know that Saint Nicholas is not just a patron and protector of children but also a patron of money and financial abundance. Here is a nice story that speaks for itself.

Saint Nicholas, the Bringer of Wealth

One of the legend about Saint Nicholas says that there was a poor family with 3 girls that found no means of getting married or even live day-to-day basis because of their sheer poverty

Out of desperation, their parents were willing to allow them to start a frivolous life as a last resort. One night before they would have embraced this depraved lifestyle, Saint Nicholas placed a pouch filled with money on their window. This allowed for the big sister to get married and have a decent life. The legend also says that he performed these miracles on the night of 5/6 December, and this is the reason why we celebrate Saint Nicholas on December the 6th.
He continued to place a bag of coins every night, until all three girls got married, saving their souls from a life of sin, sacrifice and deprivation, they didn’t want. This is just one of the legends speaking about how Saint Nicholas helped poor people who lacked financial possibilities to lead a life of happiness, joy and love.

Working with Saint Nicholas for Financial Abundance

Saint Nicholas has helped so many people bring financial abundance into their lives and have the money they need and want during his times, but also through prayers addressed to him on this particular purpose. He helps anyone in need of a better financial situation when they ask for his help in the matter, so he can help you too.

Working with Saint Nicholas for Financial AbundanceFaithfully praying to Saint Nicholas is the means to reach him and allow him to perform miracles for you too. In order to have more money and be more prosperous in this regard, here is a simple yet effective Prayer to Saint Nicholas.

prayer to Saint Nicholas:

“I am grateful for my prosperity! I am grateful for my wealth! My trust in you is absolute! I am overwhelmed by your money and gifts! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Amen!”
You may use this prayer of gratitude to help you pay your debts, to obtain the money for something you want to buy or even improving your overall financial situation. Remember that having an attitude of gratitude is the key to inviting abundance into your life!
Allow Saint Nicolas and his unconditional love of people to bring all the good fortune into your life by trusting him and having faith.

May God bless you and this blog find this right people to help bless in the  time of need financially. He is a  powerful saint that  is  celebrated and  honored globally for a reason. May his blessings also be bestowed upon you.

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