Amethyst The Gemstone Crystal Of Mystics

Amethyst The Gemstone Crystal Of Mystics

Interestingly, the name of this crystal, “amethyst” comes from the Greek “a-methystus” that derives from the word “methy” that means wine; so together with the suffix, the understanding of its name would be before wine, namely sober (awake).
The amethyst crystal has been considered for a very long time a precious gemstone due to its beautiful coloring, varying from violet to purple, and these days it is still considered amongst the most precious varieties of quartz crystals. Amethyst crystal deposits have been found all over the world, and their quality and colors differ, the most precious being considered the ones from Brazil, the Ural Mountains and Ski Lanka.

The Legend of the Origin of Amethyst

The legend says that a young and out of this world beautiful virgin named Amethysta rejected the advances that Bacchus, the god of wine, made her, telling him that she wants to remain chaste and pure. To grand her this wish, Diana, the goddess of the moon, hunting, and birthing, transformed her into a quartz statue. Impressed by her devotion to purity, Bacchus poured wine onto the statue, making it turn violet in color, thus creating the amethyst crystal. It was said that if you drunk from an amethyst crystal cup you didn’t get intoxicated, but stayed pure and awake.
The Amethyst, a Precious and Powerful Gem. In  many religions around the world, the amethyst crystal it was considered to have a powerful spiritual charge, so the Celts called it the gem of the Druids, in India was considered the precious stone of the Brahmans, while in Buddhism it was regarded as the stone of evolution on the steps to enlightenment. Associated with the month of February, the amethyst crystal is considered to have benefits for Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius and Capricorn natives regarding wisdom and intuition. About the amethyst crystal it is also believed that it can turn energy to love, fight away stress and offer a calm and relaxing state for the spirit.

The Mystical Properties of the Amethyst Crystal

The Amethyst is a gem associated with spiritual growth and business success but it is also very helpful in many health conditions such as arthritis, weight loss, eyes and skin health, analgesic, better sleep and overall general health.
Amongst its most notable mystical properties, the crystal is used for:

1. Offers Protection

Wearing an amethyst stone around your neck protects you against negative and evil thoughts, black magic and curses, psychic attacks, dangers, evil spirits, but also against betrayal and deception. It has a tremendous protective effect for those who don’t feel safe or for those who are afraid of accidents or dangers. It is said that when someone with bad intentions tries to harm the wearer of this gem, the crystal changes color in order to warn about the danger.

2. Stimulates Intellectual and Psychic Abilities

If you are interested in personal spiritual growth or professional evolution, the good news is that the amethyst crystal works both ways. It helps stimulate the intellectual capacities as well as concentration and sustained effort, making it your best spiritual buddy for business success. At the same time, this gem is well-known to stimulate and amplify the spiritual qualities of the one using it, as well as psychic abilities. It helps you open to spirituality within yourself and to activate intuition and even psychic abilities. You can also use it to help decode your dreams and have a better sleep. Even more, it helps build courage, the feeling of content, common sense, self-trust and respect as well as personal charisma.

3. Amazing Against Addictions

The amethyst crystal is also good with channeling personal energies for a better use and purpose, helping people get over addictions by taming obsessions and giving up vices. This is why it has great use in helping people get rid of bad addictions such as smoking, alcohol abuse or food and sex addiction, if it is programmed for this purpose. The way in which the amethyst crystal helps you give up bad habits is by offering you power and stability, by stimulating willpower and motivation, resistance and a better judgement together with a calm state of being by reducing negative emotions like rage, impatience, nervousness, sadness, despair and even depression.

4. Powerful Help in Relationships

It is believed that amethyst is amongst the crystals that has a strong influence on our relationships including love, friendship, marriage as well as parents-children relationships. It also enhances the relationships you have with the world in general, as well as with the divine. You can also use it to improve love relationships by bringing more harmony and understanding into them.

How You Can Work with Amethyst Crystals

Before making use of its powerful properties, the amethyst crystal needs to be purified by leaving it outside to charge from the sun for a day, wash it with warm, rain or sea water or by putting it in natural salt for a few hours.
Then, the next thing to do before using it is to recharge it. You can do this by keeping it next to a plant, or even better, let it charge from the sunlight at sunrise. Make sure it doesn’t touch other crystals and that nobody else touches it, because it will alter its subtle load.

Last but not least, you need to program the gem to help you in the matter you are interested in. Whether you want to bring love, business success or good health into your life, use a powerful mantra to charge the crystal to work its specific purpose.

1. 3rd Eye Meditation

This is one of the best meditation crystals, due to its color that corresponds with the highest of vibrations as well as the 3rd eye. You can place a piece of this crystal on the 3rd eye (middle of forehead) while laying down before beginning your meditation. It will help you stop thoughts faster so you can get into the meditation state faster. Amethyst guides the mind away from the clichés of egocentric thinking, luring it towards a deeper understanding. As the mind abandons the fight with thoughts, the glimpses of elevated knowledge elevated begin to seep.

2. Water Purification

By placing a purified piece of amethyst crystal into a glass of water, the water will be enhanced with beneficial effects, so you can do this before drinking it. It’s also amazing to do this before watering your plants.

3. Pain Relief

Place it on your stomach or liver if you experience pain or have problems with your digestive system or liver. Amethyst is a great natural pain killer! Place it on the area that hurts and relax for a few. It is also good for migraine, back pain, arthritis pain by absorbing the pain inside. You can use it against nightmare or insomnia by placing it on your forehead while you sleep.

4. Feng Shui

You can also use amethyst to purify the energies of your home and make sure they flow naturally. In this regard, place an amethyst gem Northeast (for spiritual growth), Southeast (for wealth and abundance), or South (for fame and reputation).

How Can One Connect with It

Connecting with an amethyst crystal doesn’t differ that much from connecting with any other gems. The process starts with a thorough purification of the stone to empty the information in it and put your data in it. In this regard, you need to be the only person handling the crystal at any time. The next step is to recharge it with your mantra, your energy, your program. Basically you tell the gem what to do for you. As you’ve read above, there are many ways in which amethyst can help us; from a physical health stance, to a mental or spiritual point of view, financial wise or even with our addiction. Once you seed your intention into the stone, allow it to do flow its magic into your life, by help and protecting you.

It is my hope that you have learned about this beautiful gemstone crystal.  It is one of my favorites and I have collected many of them over the years.You can find these anywhere and they will not break the bank. I love  crystals you can find another blog on romance crystals here or another blog of mine on crystals to enhance psychic ability here.  Look out for more of my blogs on crystals. Clear quartz will be my next blog on crystals.

Blessings and always love

Emilie Moe ( Emmy )

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  • Katie Gray says:

    Emmy, Thank you so much for this information. I recently was told by my “mentor” that I need to get a charging crystal and that Amethyst was the one I needed. I put it out to the Universe for the information I needed… and here it is! So, thank you again! Very informative and succinct. PS: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the website! XXOOXX,
    Ms Katie

  • Katie Gray says:

    Emmy, Thank you so much for this information. I recently was told by my “mentor” that I need to get a charging crystal and that Amethyst was the one I needed. I put it out to the Universe for the information I needed… and here it is! So, thank you again! Very informative and succinct. PS: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the website! XXOOXX,
    Ms Katie

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