Archangel Gabriel the divine messenger

Archangel Gabriel the divine messenger

Do you realize that you are a product of the Divine? The Archangel Gabriel does. Gabriel is the loving, empowering, and inspirational messenger of the Divine.  Archangel Gabriel is a messenger for communication, new beginnings, and strength.  Being open to the love and insightful message of strength that Gabriel has for you is a gift that you can give to yourself, and asking for the Archangel’s guidance and warmth can deepen your connection with the physical Earth and the spiritual world.
Archangel Gabriel, when called upon and connected to, can deliver inspiration that will assist you in discovering your highest calling.  ( I know he has  for me ) With so much negativity in the world, it is easy for our true callings to become blocked and obscured, and opening ourselves to Gabriel will open the doors and clear the darkness, bringing with it the visions and guidance for the road you’re on and how to traverse further. Gabriel delivers these messages of guidance by putting you in touch with the Divine love that surrounds you. Gabriel is also the Archangel of Divine inspiration, and can put you on the path to cleanse your body and mind, open your heart, and reconnect with your purpose for being here on this Earth.

Archangel Gabriel reminds us that here on Earth, we are each of us wonderfully unique and an individual spark of the Divine, and we must answer to our own true calling, not those imposed on us by others and gives us hope. It is through connecting with Gabriel that we can begin to understand and become one with our own truths. It is through this truth that we will be best able to share our inner light and love and make the impact on this world that the Divine have planned for us.

How to connect with Archangel Gabriel

To connect with Gabriel, find yourself in a quiet and reflective place. Take several deep and cleansing breaths, and if you are able to, relax yourself to a semi meditative space. Relax your hands and feet, allowing your breathing to deepen. As you continue to clear your mind, imagine your third eye opening, emitting the beautiful radiant light that is within you. This is your connection with the Divine, and it is through this connection that you will open yourself to Gabriel. Once you are relaxed and feel the slight tingling sensation of the energy and light of the Divine, ask Gabriel to join you. Be humble and gracious, and be prepared for a warming sensation to slowly tingle through your body. This warmth and energy is that of Gabriel, connecting with you. Be open and relaxed to the messages that you are being shown. Do not ask many questions, but be there as a student ready to learn. When you are ready to return to your physical self, thank Gabriel for the guidance and love. Thank the Archangel for sharing the divine and returning you to the path that is your higher calling. Returning your breathing to normal, sit up right and consider the message that you were given. This could take some time, and you might need to take some time to process the information, so be ready to sit quietly and contemplate. After you have spent time thinking about Gabriel’s message, extend another message of thanks. The afterglow of this experience has been known to last for days, so use that time to create a clear plan that will allow you to honor the path that Gabriel shared with you.

Connecting with Archangel Gabriel for creative writing or public speaking

I have found Archangel Gabriel to be an profound help for me when it  comes to writing. There were times where I use to find myself  sitting at the computer unable to write , drew a complete blank and uninspired.  If this is your case simple just call upon Archangel Gabriel.  You can say something similar to what is  written below and start the typing. Personally in most cases I have found him to have aid me very fast.

“Archangel Gabriel I  invite you into my present to  aid me with my writing, Thank you Archangel Gabriel for helping me be inspired and write creative.” 

Archangel Gabriel for communicating unwanted news or messages.

As a tarot reader and psychic reader  I speak to people all the time. I have had times where I needed to relate messages and I just did not know how to relate them such as unwanted news.  When this happens I immediately  think of  Archangel Gabriel and call upon this angel for help.  Countless of times gabriel helped me to relate the news perfectly in the most compassionate way.  If you are having trouble relating news or messages to someone call upon this  angel for aid.  Either quietly in your mind or out loud verbally something similar as below.

“Archangel Gabriel please help me find the right words to say to …….. with compassion and love, Thank you Archangel  Gabriel”

Thanking the angel is a way of manifesting it and proclaiming that it was done.

Call upon Archangel Gabriel. He is only a thought or a whisper away from aiding you with your needs.  All you have to do is ask.

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