Interviewed By Sue Ellis & Free Readings

Interviewed By Sue Ellis & Free Readings

Listen in tomorrow 5/8/2015  at 3pm Est where I will be interviewed by  Sue Ellis on Radio. Also grab a chance for a free reading. Not all will be chosen first come  first served.

Call in # is (646) 787-8363

I had the honor to be interviewed by Sue Ellis. We spoke about how I first started on my tarot and divination journey  my  beliefs with spirituality and I also did a few readings  during the show. Listen in to listen to my style of reading and also get to know Sue Ellis a angel reader and light worker coach.

Towards the end of the show a caller called in and asked if I saw love coming into her life this season. First you hear me saying I was  shocked because,  all the cards  laid out was all Majors in the  tarot. Right away I knew that the answer was yes and that this was not going to be just some ordinary person that she will be involved with.  It seems that she’s was going to meet a powerful man someone long term in June or July.  My  time frame was based on the Tarot card of the Chariot comest into the astrology sign Cancer.  I also saw that most likely he will  have military background or be involved in law.  Hence the tarot cards  justice Emperor and heroprant .  I also saw that this was someone that she will be involved with for a long time and was going to be very important to her. The Star  card at the bottom of the spread  speaks to me also that God and the spirits are blessing this relationship. This was something meant to be . It can also mean that they will have a  profound spiritual connection. Its so rare to have all major cards in a reading spread. This is will be a big person in her life

Reading spread from caller

Reading spread from caller

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