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Wed, Jun 3, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

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On this show of Interview With The Mystics Hosts Kristian and Emilie Moe will be interviewing Ryan Anderson. On this hour he will be playing, and teaching us some his drumming which he uses for healing, teaching others to incorporate prosperity and will tell us about his life journey which he has traveled many places across the world learning the art and spirituality.

You would not want to miss this. Get your drums out , follow his beats, and take your socks off as you dance to the rhythm of the drum.

Ryan Taylor Anderson is a Drummer, Spiritualist and Healer using the energy of the drum as the main tool for his work. He uses the drum for a number of healing modalities, to assist in removing negative energy and bringing about positive influence, realigning the spirit and energy centers of the body, restoring the physical makeup to boost the immune system as well as inducing trance and cosmic traveling to help you with meditation and relaxation.

Ryan has been a drummer for over 30 years now. He’s played in almost every setting, played almost every style and has met alot of people along the way. But, he still was not fullfilled. The drumming fulfilled him yes, but he always had a sense that there was something more. Even as a child he felt a “greater presence”. His drumming adventures have taken him all around his home state of Texas, Indiana, Chicago, Louisville, all over Ohio, Oklahoma, Athens, Greece and New York, doing numerous Spirit Healing Drum Circles, workshops, performances, presentations for educational and corporate venues.

Reiki Drumming- is a new way of introducing the energy of Reiki into a client’s body. Reiki drumming affects the body, mind and spirit, bringing them into harmony while raising the vibratory rate to levels which allows the body’s healing abilities to increase and accelerate. This method of Reiki is also used to shift blockages and rebalance the energy field all while putting you into a sound cocoon, ensuring relaxation as the drum becomes gentle and protective, working for the highest good of the client, just as a normal Reiki treatment. By drumming, the work is occuring at a deeper level, the energy is felt moving throughout the body. Not only can the drum be used only on a single client the drum can also be used to send Reiki energy at a distance, sending healing energy across the room or around the world. By combining drumming with Reiki, we are able to connect and align with the divine, just as ancient cultures have done since the dawn of time. This treatment ends with a hands on session to integrate the healing and ensure the client is balanced and grounded once complete.

— with Kristian Moe and Ryan Anderson

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