Twin Flames – 7 Signs You Have Met Yours

Twin Flames – 7 Signs You Have Met Yours

Twin Flames – 7 Signs You Have Met Yours.  Maybe you have heard about twin flames but don’t know exactly what it refers to. Apart from soul mates, twin flames are initial counterparts of a soul from the moment of its creation, in other words, “the other half” of an over-soul that has fragmented into two individual souls.
It is said that each individual soul as part of the Creation has but one twin-flame, and the chances that you’ve found your twin flame are pretty slim.
Still, not being in a relationship with your twin flame here on earth doesn’t mean that you’re not in a full-loving and beautiful relation with another soul, of course, it is very possible.

What are the signs that you’ve met your twin flame? Here they are:

Twin flame sign # 1 – An Intense Feeling that You Know Them

Twin flames tend to recognize each other by having an inexplicable feeling that they know each other. If you’ve experienced this feeling that you “recognize” a person that feels like a deja-vu, they may be your twin flame. Another feeling that you get is that you’re meant for each other, meant to be together.

Twin flame sign # 2 – It’s Not Smooth Sailing

Your twin flame is or your mirror soul is here to bend your, stretch you and transform you into your highest true self. And although this may sound so good, as an experience it can be rather harsh, traumatic or extremely difficult for the less evolved soul in the relationship.
The relationship sometimes feels that it’s not easy, relationship issues arise but what is true is that your twin flame wants what is in your best interest solely, although the transformation may be painful.
At times one may feel anxious and may not trust the other one for being so different from all they have known so far, that they may fight against them, until they understand that all that work is for their own good, for their personal awakening and evolution as a spirit.

Twin flame sign # 3 – One is More Spiritually Evolved

One of the two souls in a twin soul relation is more evolved spiritually than the other, so in a sense, the relation may feel as a disciple and master type of interaction, and the most important aspect of the relationship is spiritual awakening and evolution.
For the less evolved soul, it may feel like they need to change the beliefs that do not belong to them and discover their true self. At the same time, they feel assisted and helped 100% by the other one in the relationship that knows what’s in their best interest at times.

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Twin flame sign # 4 – You Feel at Home

When you’re with your twin flame you can be yourself, no matter the flaws you think you have and without the fear of being judged, persecuted or rejected. The feeling that you are that you’ve finally found your home, a safe place together with this wonderful being.

Twin flame sign # 5 –  Your Twin Flame is Your Reflection

They offer you a reflection of what you think you are, of your beliefs and together with it, your deepest fears and limitations.
In a sense, your twin flame is a mirroring of what you fear the most and what you want the most at the same time, all for a higher purpose, that of your inner healing. In this sense, your twin flame may cause you to be angry and anxious all with the purpose of teaching you some valuable lessons about inner fears and the wounds of our soul.
At the same time, you are each others’ balance, the yin and the yang of your co-creation. Your negative side is balanced by their positive side and vice-versa.

Twin flame sign – # 6  A Powerful Magnetic Attraction

Although a twin flame relation may sometimes be uncomfortable because of the unpleasant things you may find out about your construction of the self, there is a magnetic attraction that drowns you to each other. So, at any point in time, you feel you want to step out of the relationship or try to avoid your twin flame, you’ll change your mind.

Twin flame sign – # 7  An Expression of Freedom

When you are together you are attached to one another, but free at the same time, enclosed but at the same time separated. A twin flame relationship will always feel like an expression of freedom. Both of you will keep and stick to your own personal freedom as this relationship praises freedom with all costs.
Freedom can also be understood as having a deeply sincere relationship. Twin flames are sincere and honest to one another about anything and everything, adding a whole level of freedom of expression into the relationship as well.
Ultimately, a twin flame relationship feels that you have a higher purpose that has brought you together, your relation will get you there, no matter it is a spiritual, social, ecological, scientific or political one.
Another thing to understand, your twin flame is never in a competition with you but is here to complete you and make you a whole.

Even if you won’t find your twin flame in this physical reincarnation, you can keep them close to you, deep in your soul, if you constantly work on your personal awakening and spiritual evolution.

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God bless, feel free to comment and share and may love always forever bloom around you

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  • Denise says:

    I’m daying for a reading from you.

  • Denise says:

    I’m daying for a reading from you.

  • Jake says:

    There are 2 women I’ve known who fall within those 7 laws. I know a person can have multiple soulmates. Can one also have more than one twin flame?

  • Jake says:

    There are 2 women I’ve known who fall within those 7 laws. I know a person can have multiple soulmates. Can one also have more than one twin flame?

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