5 Types Of Psychic Tarot Readers To Avoid

5 Types Of Psychic Tarot Readers To Avoid

5 Types Of Psychic Tarot Readers To Avoid.

Have you ever been curious to go see a psychic or Tarot reader… but were too scared to be scammed by a fake?

Or even worse, being scared that the psychic or Tarot reader would predict some horrid news about death that would leave you in worry for the months to come?

You’re not alone. Many of my first-time clients who come for Tarot card readings discuss their own hesitations about why it took them so long to finally book a reading with me.

You see, the sad reality is that there are scammers and charlatans out there that insidiously help perpetuate these stereotypes.

But, I have good news for you, not every Psychic or Tarot reader is a fake or scam artist. There are some amazing real readers that are gifted, who really can help you and are not trying to steal your money.

Do you want to know how to spot the phonies? Keep on reading on to learn 6 ways how to spot a fake with complete confidence and to be able to choose the best psychic Tarot reader for you.

5 Types Of Psychic Tarot Readers To Avoid1. The bad omen psychic tarot reader

The bad omen psychic tarot reader. These are the ones that make us real psychic tarot readers that want to help people get a bad rep. They’re the ones that come to you saying that they feel a negative spirit on you, that it is urgent that you have a reading with them and of course that can help rid you this so-called “curse /fate a fee with only their magical work. These are the ones that usually seek you out, fill you with the fear of God and predict some major death that is unchangeable unless you pay them to help you.

If you’re ever in new york city walking around and a psychic tarot reader comes up to you telling you these things head for the next avenue. They are usually standing in front of their storefronts and pitches a $5.00 psychic tarot reading.

My experience: Curiosity got to me one day when I was younger and I sat down for a reading with one of these so-called psychic tarot readers.  She told me how she saw a cruse on me that was …get ready for this… bending my chakra and would destroy my life soon. For only a small fee of $500, she claimed that she could have helped me straighten it and rid me of this so-called curse. She instructed me that she had a powerful magical candle and would work day and night on it. Little did she know that I knew about Charkas and spotted the bull shit. It’s impossible for someone to bend your crown Charka. (Que Loca)

I personally never read about death for my clients. It’s my only personal rule that I even have written in my policy. Personally, I believe in God and feel that only God has that last say. It is not my place to predict death on the person.

2. The one who hides their face

5 Types Of Psychic Tarot Readers To AvoidWhy does a professional psychic tarot reader need to hide their face? Have you ever ran across a psychic tarot readers website in which the psychic tarot reader has no real photo of themselves?  They listed all their psychic achievements but have not even one picture of their own self? This is a red flag. Their picture is usually replaced with a magical fairy cartoon, spiritual symbol or some type of mystical Goddess. This for me screams how inauthentic this person is and that their hiding something.

Psychic hotlines are very well-known for this and some of them now use fake Stock photos. That Colgate smiles with perfect lighting, perfect skin and perfect backdrop yes can be a fake stock photo of someone else. Luckily not all of them are fake.

Here’s how to find  out if their picture is a fake

Your money is valuable and worth the 2-minute extra research. Google reverse look up their profile picture –> Here. If the photo stock is fake it would link up to the stock sites. If it is real it will give you more in-depth information about the person such as other reading sites where they are on or other things that they are affiliated with. This will help you better make a clear choice if the reader is for you or not.

3. The one that’s nowhere to be found

Who in this day of age does not have a social media? Social media is a key important thing to have when working with the public. It helps create connections and helps potential clients see who you truly are. If the psychic tarot reader does not have a social media I feel that it indicates that they are hiding something. Potential clients want to know that the person is real. I try my best to show the transparency of who I am as a person it is important for myself to let people know that Tarot is my passion. That I know what I am doing and that I have been doing this for a living for many years.  I have my social media open for everyone to see. I am proud of my work and it shows.  A psychic tarot reader with no social media is a red flag and an indication that you should move on to another reader who is more transparent with their line of work.

Below is most of my social media sites.

Facebook Business, Facebook Personal, Instagram, Youtube.

4. The one with no real testimonies

Just because someone writes something does it mean its the truth? Many have their profiles filled with past clients testimonies but the question is how do you know that these “feedbacks/testimonies” are real? Look for feedbacks and testimonies that have backlink or a source of these testimonies from their clients.  Granted not all have this but,  those who do have this from places such as their Facebook business page, their psychic networks page or other psychic tarot reading directories just gives you more proof of how authentic they are.  In the end, anyone can write whatever they want about themselves and post it on their page. What really matters is what others are saying about their skills as a psychic tarot reader.

Here is an example of my client’s feedback page on my website which can be found here –> HERE  and the backlinks to each the sites where real clients feedbacks cannot be revised.

5 Types Of Psychic Tarot Readers To Avoid5. The 4th generational psychic with no proof  and the one who claim’s %100 accuracy

Maybe it’s me but it has become trendy for some tarot psychic readers call to themselves 3rd or 4th generational psychics. They claim they have a long psychic bloodline but yet they show no proof of this.  For me, the proof is in the pudding. If one is going to claim a line that they are so proud of mentioning they should have no problem of adding some kind of proof of this. If they don’t then here is another red flag.  Stay away from these people.  Another is the 100% accurate gimmick pitch. No one is God and all-knowing. Everyone has free will and the future really depends on the doors that ones choose to walk through.  If someone claims to be 100% accurate and all-knowing keep on searching for someone who will not sell you a dream.

So how do I select a good psychic tarot reader Emilie??

7 quick tips on selecting a good Psychic Tarot Reader for you

Here are 7 quick tips on selecting a good psychic tarot reader for you

1-Take your time and research the psychic tarot reader.

2-If the person does not have a real picture of them go to another psychic tarot reader who has one. They are plenty who have no problem showing who they are and have the context of themselves in action reading. Such as pictures, FB lives, videos, events and so forth.

3-Follow their social media to get a feel for their personality and see how others view them.

4-Ask other people about them.

5-Look for real feedback information.

6-Google their name and picture to search for legitimacy.

7-Avoid the psychic tarot reader who approaches you saying you need a reading urgently.

In the end, it’s all about going with your gut feeling after viewing the pros and cons of the person. Choose someone who best suits you, your needs and that you feel will understand you. Let spirit guide you in choose the right person. Never feel pressured into getting a reading and be open when being read to receive the most of the reading.

May God bless you all. Mucho Luz Y Amor 

Are you looking for an authentic tarot reader to help you?  I am here to help you. Hi, I am Emilie (Emmy)  I am a professional tarot reader from NYC who is well versed in tarot divination, lenormand divination, Coffee cup divination, dice and more.  I am a spiritualist and combine my divination readings with my intuition to give you the most accurate reading. I offer specialized phone love tarot readings, In-depth phone tarot readings, and also offer regular phone tarot readings where you can ask all that your heart desires.

In-Person readings and events are only available at selective times/seasons. You can read my bio here and read my clients feedback here.

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Do you think there’s another Type of tarot psychic reader that I missed that you should avoid? Let me know by commenting below and let’s talk about it.

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