7 signs angels are trying to communicate with you

7 Signs Angels Are Trying To Communicate With You

7 Signs Angels Are Trying Communicate With You

What separates physically manifested reality from light dimensions is just a matter of perspective and openness. There is nothing keeping us back from using the vibrations and elements that we need in order to grow, feel better or feel at ease. The Universe is divinely abundant and everything happens here and now; this means that we can summon and contact any light being or energy that we wish to invite in our lives at any given time.

No matter the circumstances we are growing through, we are always supported. There are guides, light entities, and angles ready to accompany us on our paths. More than often, even if we are not aware of these beings’ presence, they help and protect us. Angels, for example, accompany humans on the course of their lives. Each person has one to three angels that are always by his or her side. Sensing the angels and seeing their signals depends on how receptive we are to the subtle realms. And this receptiveness can be augmented through spiritual practices such as meditation, mindfulness, Reiki, Pranic healing.

Here are 7 signs that the angels are trying to connect with you:

In the midst of personal chaos and feeling lost, there’s still a gentle light inside of you. And this light tells you: “Don’t give up”

Your intuition is heightened. Angels also communicate through your gut instinct

You see numbers such as 222, 333, 555, etc. These are specific messages that angels are sending you in order to help you make sense of what is going on in your life.

People interaction. People send you Angel music out of the blue. You listen to the music and your vibration raises. Or you start connecting with people who have angelic names out of the blue.

A calming light brings you peace in your darkest moments. This is an angelic vibration that keeps your head above water.

Like-hearted people spontaneously start talking about their angel experiences. This is always a sign for you. No random information enters your field of perception.

You find feathers or coins. This is a sure sign that they are around you and want you to pay attention to their call.

Depending on your background and belief systems, angels always find a way to communicate with you. The more you purify your internal space, the brighter the light of the angels becomes. Anchor yourself in angelic vibrations when you don’t know what to do. Ask for their guidance, and immediately you’ll feel a shift in the way you feel. Remember there is no buffer time between asking your angels for help and their presence. They are always and unconditionally here for you.

What are some other signs that the Angels have given you to show you that they were around?


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