Saint Jude – The Saint Of Lost Hopes And Miracles

Saint Jude – The Saint Of Lost Hopes And Miracles

Saint Jude’s his feast day is October 28th.

Saint Jude’s colors are green. white and sometimes red.

Emblem: A medal and a staff

Petition: Petition to him for hopeless or impossible cases, to help someone get off drugs, to help someone get out of jail.

The Life Story of Saint Jude

Saint Jude has descended from David and Solomon’s genealogy and of him we know that was born in Nazareth, as the son of Salome and Joseph, who later was the fiancée of Saint Virgin Mary.
This is why some consider Saint Jude to be related with the Lord Jesus Christ according to the Bible texts. The holy texts tells about Saint Jude that he didn’t believe at first in Jesus Christ, being unfaithful, however he has built an unbreakable faith in him, that he choose to become one of his apostles and to preach his teachings of unconditional love.

After Jesus Christs’ ascension to heavens, Saint Jude has started to spread his spiritual teachings in Judea, Galilee, Samaria and Edom and then throughout the citadels of the Arabian countries, Syria and Mesopotamia.

About Saint Jude we also know that he’s preached the teachings of Jesus Christ in Persia where he wrote in the old Greek language a short letter containing the wisdom teachings and lessons for all the believers. His letter contained pieces of advice about pride, cunning, disobedience, bodily sins but also about being steadfast in their faith, in love and prayer and following their call.
We also know that this apostle has had a lot of suffering and pain to overcome in his life dedicated to preaching the word of Jesus Christ and that his life has ended in pain and torture. Saint Jude has given and offered his life as the ultimate sacrifice for his faith in Jesus, and has died by the hands of the non-believers, who hanged him on a piece of wood carved as a cross.

Jude, the Saint of Lost Hopes

The apostle and martyr Saint Jude is known as the saint of the lost causes or hopeless situations, where one’s life is in danger of jeopardy. Jude the Thaddeus has performed many miracles during his lifetime, ones that actually happened and others we heard of in legends.
The life and journey of Saint Jude but mostly his faith comes with powerful lessons for us all. He has taught us that there are moments when life can bring us down and it’s up to us to decide to give up or to get back on two feet and keep going forward. When other mediators seemed to fail their prayers, people have sent their prayers to Saint Jude and he’s helped them.

When you’re facing a situation that seems to have no solution or to escape, praying to Saint Jude can be your best option because he is the patron of last hopes, helping those in circumstances that seem to have to way out and no solution.
So, whenever you believe you’re facing an impossible situation with no positive solution, find a quiet place and say your pairs to Saint Jude, the patron of lost hopes.

How to Work with Saint Jude

Saint Jude has acquired from God the gift of helping especially those who have lost almost all hopes and are truly desperate. When you’re in a situation of despair, you can say your prayers to Saint Jude. There’s one way to work with Saint Jude and that is to prayer.
Also, another condition to allow Saint Jude to take away your burden and find solution for your apparently hopeless situation is to have faith. Believe in the miracle of prayer with an open heart and trust the work of Saint Jude into your life.
Remember: nothing is impossible with God even when you believe you’re at your wit’s end!

How to Petition to Saint Jude for Miracles

Here is a simple but efficient prayer you can address to Saint Jude when you find yourself in a helpless situation:
Saint Jude – “O Holy Judas Tadeu, relative, of our Lord Jesus Christ, glorious apostle and martyr, shining in virtues and powerful in miracles, faithful and swift helper of those who honor and trust in you, look with merciful eyes upon the one who runs to you today and asks for your help.
You have acquired from God the gift to help especially those who have lost almost all hope and are desperate.

– Look at me and see the straight that I’m in. My life is a life of suffering. My days are full of pain and sorrow, my soul is of great bitterness. My paths are full of thorns and there’s almost not a single moment passing without sighs and tears and searing worry that grind my power of life.
Anxiety, despair and lack of confidence in getting help from the heavens often overwhelm my soul so that it seems to me that divine providence has left me. This makes my soul fill with darkness, my faith falters, my heart weakens and desperation creeps inside my soul, wanting to take dominion over me.

-O Holy Judas Tadeu, you cannot leave me in this grave state. I run to you and I ask for your help. Please listen to the prayer that I ask of you! I’m not going away until you listen to me. Hurry and come to me, please, because I have faith in you. Let your intercession glorify God’s unending mercy upon me. Listen to my prayer kindly, especially in the tribulation that I face now and offer me your help (mention your problem here….)

-Do not let my soul be crushed by this painful blow and fall into despair. Hear me, O Holy Judas Tadeu, fulfill my prayer and I will be ever grateful to you for the rest of my days. I will honor you as my great helper and I will thank God for your mighty help and I will spread the honoring of you amongst men as I will have it in my power.

Have trust that no matter the challenges that life throws at you, you will be brave and powerful enough to overcome them for your own learning. Ask for Saint Jude’s help when in difficult situations and let his help guide you to the best of solutions.

May God bless you all have may you find the aid and relief you are seeking in Saint Jude. A book that I highly recommend for connecting with the Saints is  The Encyclopedia of Mystics, Saints & Sages by Judika Illes,

Much love. –  Emilie  ( Emmy)

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