6 Of Coins Charity In The Tarot

6 Of Coins Charity In The Tarot

6 Of Coins Charity In The Tarot. As we roll into the American holiday of thanksgiving tomorrow this 24th, of  November we start thinking of all the things we are grateful for. For though they drift their attention too of things that they lack.  As a tarot reader, this time of the year reminds me of  the tarot card of charity which is the six of coins. Each  card in the tarot speaks about a different aspect of life. Thanksgiving day for me is synchronized with the 6 of coins.  So what does it mean?  Read on love and I will explain for you.

6 Of Coins Charity In The TarotAs we look at the most common tarot card used for 6 of coins from the rider waite we see a man dressed in the ultimate finest exclusive clothing, neatly layered with one hand  giving to a man on his knees coins who is wearing yellow or brown beat up rags. The man kneeling also looks not only that he is poor he is also in a bad state of health for he has a bandage wrapped on his head to cover up a wound.  You tell can tell that this man is in desperation as he gazes upon the rich man looking up with his hands  held open in need begging. In his eyes you also see sadness but, also hope because he is looking up straight into his eyes. You also see mercy because of this as well.

To the right, we see another beggar dressed in blue with a red ticket sticking out of his pocket. Perhaps it holds something of value to him because of the color red that matches the same wealthy males red clothing.  Perhaps ,  he is saving it for a desperate moment to cash in. What do you think this means?

As we look into the back scene of the card we see that they are standing outside of the city walls. The city is behind them and the wealthy man had to leave the comfort of his city in order to reach these man in need. Another very important  symbol in this tarot card of the 6 of coins is the balance scale of  libra which means justice. The scales also means  fairness as well and is also a sign of karma. The man  holding the scales means that he is doing this action because he feels it is the right thing to do. The man most certainly does not have anything to gain from this for they have nothing and he is the one who has left his city in order to give to them.

So what does this tells us as tarot readers or as a message in general? The message is clearly is about giving. Give even when it is going out your way. Give when God has blessed you with an abundance with no intention  of it coming back.  Practice the art of charity whenever you can and allow God to work through your vessel to touch the lives of others.  This does not just have to be around the holidays but, whenever possible. God sees your heart and your actions. You just never know when you will be in need of help.

Proverbs 22:9 – “He who is generous will be blessed, for he gives some of his food to the poor.”

What does it mean in a tarot reading?

Great question. In a tarot reading, it means that someone is ready to share with you. It also means that karma is about to pay you back for your good deeds that you have done and spirit is rewarding you by giving you something that you truly are in need for.  If you are waiting for help or extra  funds in a tarot reading this card can  indicate that the help that you seek is soon on the way.  Obviously, this can also mean that you should expect for someone to come to you for help soon.

In Romance the 6 of coins  indicates never beg to be loved  and to enjoy the flow of the romance. It is also a very positive card in the tarot for romance that a blessed romantic relationship is coming towards you that is very giving. This person wants to help you in every way that they can and is  very fair. Take care of this relationship and be open in giving to their needs for they will keep giving onto you.

I end this blog by asking you to focus on the things that you have to be thankful for daily not just during the holidays. When in a rut look at all that you have around you instead of what you lack for we as energic beings and attract more of what we place our focus on. God has blessed you with life and has given you many things admire them , appreciate them and you will have more things to be thankful for.

Love you with blessings. – Emilie Moe ( Emmy )

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