Tarot By Emilie

Hello, My name is Emilie , (Emmy). I’m a woman in my early 30s, born and bred New Yorker of Puerto Rican descent. I’m a down to earth psychic with a diehard passion for Tarot, who has been performing divination since a child, specializing in love/romance readings. I am very proud to say that I am also about to introduce my own unique tarot deck named Emilie’s Kindred Spirits proudly showcasing Notable Latino people in the spiritual community and family.Tarot Reader Emilie Moe

My love for tarot drove me to become, a full time Professional Psychic Tarot Reader. Guided by my Elders through their spiritual and divination teachings I started divining at just age 11 which turned into a 20 year on-going passion. I can read on any topic but, often I am referred to as The Love Psychic Tarot Reader being that it is my specialty.

I am mostly asked questions pertaining to a person thoughts, feelings , intentions , timing, affairs and the future development of a romance. The reason is simply because, I am a person filled with love, give love and I naturally attract people wanting love readings.

In 2009, Spirit pulled me into taking my calling to another level by becoming a full-time professional psychic tarot reader. Ever since then I’ve never looked back. Over the years I have helped literally thousands of people find their answers, emotionally heal and bring clarity to their important situations. I connect with the angels, my guides, combined with my intuitive abilities and divination to do so. I am light worker. I work only under the love and the light of god have integrity, and resonate compassion. I am here to help you through any situation.

Wondering how accurate I am? I invite you to read my reviews here from the best psychic directory or on Keen.com . Are you in need of a tarot reading? I am available for phone, Skype and live video readings.