I Love Myself…Do I?

I Love Myself…Do I?

I love myself… Do I? Often times we consider ourselves as having love for ourselves, being confident and deserving of a good life. After all, this is what we say from the mouth out. However, internally, we are in a constant battle fighting the words of our past.

We are taught as little girls and boys to wait for Prince Charming or to be Prince Charming. We have a Disney concept of what love and life are and continuously wait for the fairy tale.

We hope for someone, we meet someone, we prepare for forever and then things go wrong. We lose ourselves in this cycle and before we know it, a pattern has begun. We make the same mistakes over and over and over again. We even dare to blame someone else for the failed relationships. We tell our best friends how that person will regret leaving us and how they will never find another person like us.

Yet, when the lights are off, the noise dies out and nobody is around, we weep in desperation for someone else to rescue us from the loneliness. We seem to find ourselves constantly looking for someone else to come fill the emptiness. And after a few weeks or months, once again, we are in a new loving potential of happily ever after.

Sometimes, we do find the one we are seeking and it works out forever. And that’s terrific! BUT, more times than not, the pattern repeats. Why? The truth is that we don’t know what love really is. When you sit there and tolerate poor treatment, selfishness from a partner, verbal, emotional, mental or physical abuse, infidelity, or being taken advantage of for the sake of not being alone…Houston, we have a problem! This problem is called low self-esteem.

We don’t love ourselves right if we tolerate crappy situations and let people walk all over us. This goes across the board. If something is causing you more pain than joy, let it go! Self-care is so crucial to our well-being. We must all seek out to find out who we really are.

You need to ask yourself:

What do you really like to do on the weekends?

  • How do you like your coffee?
  • Do you even like coffee?
  • Do you prefer tea or juice or just water?
  • What really is your favorite food and your favorite color?
  • What is your perfect date in your mind?
  • Do you like to shop or travel?
  • Do you love your job?
  • Do you love where you live?

These are just some questions that make us look within and get to know ourselves on a personal, intimate level. We spend so much time trying to please others, we forget that WE are the ones that matter most.
Any pattern can be broken if the work is done diligently. It’s not easy to really start loving yourself the right way. It’s easier to have someone else do it instead. Loving yourself and changing the perception you have of who you are is painful. You have to dig deep and confront yourself.

After confronting yourself, you must accept who you are. And then, indulge on yourself. Your biggest investment is your happiness. Never let anybody try to tell you that you are wrong for loving yourself unconditionally.

ilovemyself_02Loving yourself doesn’t mean you’re arrogant or conceited. When you truly love yourself, you are humble and calm about it. You don’t have to broadcast how wonderful you are because it’s a sign of insecurity when you constantly state your “worth”.

When you value yourself and know your worth, everybody else knows it. And if someone tries to cross the boundaries you’ve placed for yourself, you have the right to stop them. You can say, “hey, listen, I don’t want to talk about that topic” or “you know, I don’t appreciate your tone when you speak to me, please stop”. If the person doesn’t respect those boundaries, you can remove yourself from the situation at any time without explaining yourself.

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Think of your own integrity and your boundaries. What are you willing to allow and what can you not tolerate under any circumstances? Think about it, write it down and stick to it ALWAYS!

NEVER compromise your self-love or your integrity. Once you do, you’ve allowed others to treat you poorly and use you. But when you stick to loving yourself well and don’t bend your integrity, others will love you right. And the ones that don’t….well, they don’t matter anyway.

Be blessed and enjoy the journey of self-love and enlightenment!

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