The Power Of Psalms

The Power Of Psalms

Psalm 27: 3 “Though an army besiege me,  my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then I will be confident”.

Today I woke up a bit off, yet reading this one simple verse, my spirit is uplifted.  Why is that?  Perhaps it’s because Psalms is my favorite book in the Bible?  Or perhaps it’s because this book is powerful.  When King David wrote most of these prayers or songs, he wrote them at each phase of his life.  They speak of sorrow, shame, triumph and joy; and in each one, there is a reverent sense of worship to God.

Many times, we experience lows and highs in our lives.  We seek comfort and wisdom.  We want things to work out.  Sometimes during obstacles, we want the burdens lifted and roadblocks removed.

image044It has been my experience that any time that I read the book of Psalms, doors open, my heart feels joy and my spirit is at peace.   This book is different than the others, in my opinion. Many preachers say a lot of things about Psalms.  Many spiritualists and occult practitioners have their views on it.  I have known people to attempt to manipulate the book of Psalms for their personal gain and capricious wants.  Whereas opinions fall short of facts, that one thing I can say about Psalms is their power to shift everything around my life.

Psalms are conversations, if you will, songs, praises and deep worship sessions that were written to exalt the name of God.  It is seeking the presence of God and his Spirit, that we see transformation.

Incorporating Psalms into your spiritual life is easy.  You don’t need a specific ritual.  Actually, you don’t need any.  The power is in simply reading them; out loud or quietly.  You can light a candle if you feel better doing so.  You can also burn incense.  But in truth, you don’t have to get too fancy.

Psalms are simple and powerful.  The words in each one has a dynamic ability to change you, your situation, your life and breaks every bondage in your life.  You can use specific Psalms for specific circumstances.

Some examples are:

When you feel persecuted by enemies/haters – Psalms 7 or 35

When experiencing sadness  – Psalms 43 and 44

When you simply want to worship – Psalms 148, Psalms 149 and Psalms 150

When you want to purify your spirit – Psalms 51

When you are experiencing difficulties or standstills in life or are under any spiritual/psychic attack – Psalms 91

For finding favor with authorities or superiors in business – Psalms 5

For prosperity, love, protection, wisdom, and guidance – Psalms 23

For safe travel abroad and to help bring a loved one safely home – Psalms 17

To cleanse off an unclean, restless, or intranquil spirit.-  Psalms 10

To help a struggling marriage; to soothe marital tensions. – Psalms 46

To turn around one’s luck, changing bad luck into good luck. – Psalms 57

image046The more you read Psalms and study them in your prayer/meditation time, the Spirit will start to awaken you and show you the truth within each one.

The best reason to use Psalms is simply to lift up the vibrations and allow the light to soak into you and around you.

There are no set rules…follow your heart and the promptings in your spirit.  Those promptings will never fail you.

On a personal note, if you choose to use Psalms to harm others remember the Golden Rule:  Do to others as you want done to you.

Enjoy the journey on discovering the mysteries of Psalms.

Blessings & Love- Emilie Moe

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