Interview With Sancista Luis Author of Luz Y Progreso

Interview With Sancista Luis Author of Luz Y Progreso

LIVE Video Interview With Sancista Brujo Luis Author of Luz Y Progreso By Emmy Moon. This Wednesday 5/6 at 12pm Est. Join us LIVE with Luis with topics of Espiritismo, Sanse, the book Luz Y Progreso and discover who is Sancista Brujo Luis . Live Questions answer in chat.

Sanse also known as Los Sance or lo Zanci as a tradition began flourishing in Puerto Rico in the center western coastal city of Mayaguez in the 1930s, the old folks tell of a Haitian Houngan “some say Dominican” Papa Boco who migrated to Puerto Rico around this time and saw the similarities between Espiritismo Criollo and Vodou and or 21 Diviciones, so although Sance has similarities in Vodou its roots stem from Espirisitmo Criolla. Unlike similar traditions such as Umbanda and Vodou, Sanse for the most part was an underground and private subculture within a subculture within a culture and did not get its recognition as a tradition until the late and early 1970s and 1980s with the rise of the Newyorican branch known as Santerismo which has similar traits as Sance.

SANCISTA BRUJO LUIS has a youtube channel  of man followers where he  video blogs  weekly on  different  topics of  spirtuality and Sance

He also has a blog where you can find many of  his written works on these topics that he video blogs at here

Recently though he has written and  published a book on Puerto Rican Espiritismo and developing mediumship where you can  purchase  through Amazon here

Thank you  Luis  for such a wonderful interview.

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