Clearing, Cleansing, And Enhancing With Sage

Clearing, Cleansing, And Enhancing With Sage

I think one of my favorite tools for balancing is Sage.  Whenever I burn sage, I feel balance and clear instantly.  My mood shifts to a happy, mellow and stable one.  For many centuries, sage was used in various ceremonies to cleanse the atmosphere and ward away evil spirits.  It was a very sacred plant to Native Americans and today it is still used in smudging and in cleansings.

Sage is medicinal in many forms.  It can be used as a smudge, a tea, a seasoning, in oils, antiseptic and so forth.  It can cure skins cancers, warts and sore throats.  It can balance the mind instantly when burned or smudge.

Some Spiritual Properties:

Clearing your space (altar/room) – when smudging this powerful herb in your space, you clear out unwanted energies.  It shifts the atmosphere instantly creating a beautiful space for spiritual work.  It brings forth a clarity that was clouded by other energies like worry, tiredness, fears or even stress.

Cleansing an object  – you can cleanse objects to purify their energy.  Place the object over the smoke.  You just allow the smoke to surround the object for a few seconds or as long as spirit guides you to.  I’ve used sage to cleanse my angel oracle cards, my Bible, crystals, candles and even myself.

Clearing your home – smudging throughout the home clears and wards off negative spirits and energies from your home.  It was believed that the smoke attached itself to the negative spirits and energies and the smoke clears and fades away, the spirits and energies go with it.  Some suggest using only organically grown sage as the smoke is inhaled and goes into your lungs.

Enhances psychic abilities – it is believed that this herb literally enhances psychic abilities almost immediately.  It clears the mind as quickly as you begin burning it.  It allows you to receive messages from the spiritual realm because it opens up the mind and cleanses the aura.

image051There are many resources that are provided online on how to conduct a cleansing or smudging ritual.  However, my experience has been that your intuition and your spiritual guides will assist in what works best for you.

You can also make your own sage smudge sticks by doing the following:

  • Gather sage and wildflowers
  • Create a bouquet with the sage and wildflowers
  • Wrap thread around them tightly from end to end
  • Set them to dry for a few weeks  (you can put some frankincense oil drops on them once dried)

Sage has been a tool of mine for many years.  I’ve gotten sage at New Age stores and also at shops on Native American reservations locally.  The latter is my favorite way to get them.  I just feel that it is more authentic from a reservation considering the importance of sage to Native Americans.

I don’t use it everyday.  My recommendation is that you follow Spirit’s instruction.  There may be a season where you use sage daily or weekly because it’s necessary.  Other times, you may not use it for weeks or even months.  Don’t worry.  Part of spirituality is to follow what Spirit tells YOU and not everyone else.  We all have a different path to walk and it is individual.

When you are smudging remember to not rush the process.  Take your time and allow the healing to occur.  Allow the moment to take its course and cultivate in you what needs to be cultivated whether it’s clearing your mind, your aura, your space or healing emotions.

Enjoy your time with this wonderful and powerful herb and start on your road to emotional balance, healing and clearing.

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