Enhance your psychic power with crystals

Enhance your psychic power with crystals

2016 Tarot Love & Astrology ScopeOver my years of working as a spiritualist and a psychic, I have found that crystals have always enhanced my readings and connection because of this they have become my best friend. I wear them often, hold them during meditation, never perform a reading without one near and even sleep with them near my bed or under my pillow.

One of the questions that I am asked often is which ones can a person use to aid with their psychic ability. Hopefully, this blog will help you choose which is best for you. I doubt that you will be able to just stop just a one though and become a collector as myself. =)

First it is important to know that anyone can work with crystals to enhance their psychic abilities such as calcite, moonstone, and so on. These strong crystals can help you heighten divination and improve your psychic abilities if you understand how they are being used. However, each crystal has some characteristics which make it effective in a particular event. There are many of such crystals, only that each crystal has specialized use and ability.


is one of the best crystals that heighten divination and psychic abilities. It has certain inspirational properties and the interface point between matter and consciousness. For a very long time, this special stone has been known to promote humanitarian attitude. Apatite connects between the future and the past, and enable you to read the events that occurred in the time past and those that are yet to happen. Furthermore, it strengthens you to develop spiritual attunement and psychic gifts, self-expression and deepens meditation.


– has a strong connection between the eye and the throat chakra. It is a special crystal that heightens divination and psychic abilities. The major function of this spiritual stone is to enable clear psychic vision and enhance communication with what is seen. Over the years, shattuckite has been used to examine past-life, particularly the events that affect metaphysical abilities. Additionally, it clears commands to secrecy and past-life curses. Other uses of Shattuckite include protection against spiritual attack. This same crystal can as well develop psychic abilities, for example, telepathy, automatic writing, and clear communication with extraterrestrials.


otherwise known as the “stone of new beginnings”. The name itself has revealed much about it, as it connects strongly to the intuition and the moon. Moonstone also possesses some characteristic of the moon such as reflection, and it reminds us that everything is part of a cycle of change, just as the moon wanes and waxes.
The most powerful effect of moonstone are its ability to calm the emotions. It can also make the unconscious to be conscious, and promote empathy and intuition. During the time of the full moon, moonstone encourages lucid dreaming. Other major functions of moonstone is to develop clairvoyance and psychic abilities.


– scientifically has a negative electrical charge. It is extremely powerful and useful for absorbing negative emotions, energies, and emanation. When placed in the environment, Sulphur removes barriers to progress and absorbs negativity of any kind. It is also useful for bringing hidden psychic abilities to the surface. Undoubtedly, Sulphur remains one of the best crystals that heighten divination and psychic abilities.

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– helps to raise energy to the highest level. It also has the ability to produce different colors. The major function of this crystal is to enhance psychic abilities and filter out distractions. It works like a computer and serves as a spiritual library. Quartz can dissolve karmic seeds as well.

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Hopefully, these are some of the crystals that heighten divination and psychic abilities. Other crystals that can as well enhance psychic abilities are Tiger I, Smithsonite, and so on. – Emilie  ( Emmy )

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