How Does A Crystal Ball Really Work

How Does A Crystal Ball Really Work

Before we start, let’s get a few things clear…crystal clear, one might even say.

Please cleanse your mind of all prior images you might have of the crystal ball. The imagery of a gypsy hunched over a crystal ball and proclaiming loudly what the ‘ball’ is telling her is a false and misleading one. The crystal ball is one of many tools at the disposal of a psychic/empath when performing the art of scrying. Scrying is the use of reflective surfaces to observe and unlock the subconscious as a means to see the future. Scrying is an art form that is limited to crystal, this can also include mirrors, water, or glass. Despite what you might see in the movies, it is not the crystal ball itself that ‘tells’ the future, but rather the conduit that allows the medium to open and project their subconscious to unlock future events through bold imagery and symbolism.

Scrying is an art that requires much patience and the ability to move into a trancelike state. Since crystal gazing requires the body and mind to be open and relaxed, a darker room with candlelight is highly preferred. While many gazers balls made from crystal, glass, or quartz, it is important to know that other options such as obsidian and amethyst are also commonly used.

Regardless of what type of ball feels right for you, it is important to charge your ball. The best time to do this is during the full moon. Allow your ball to be out in full moon light for two or three days when the light is the brightest. Do NOT attempt to charge your ball using the sun. The magnetism emitted from the sun will change the energy in the ball, making it hard to decipher the images. It is for this reason that your crystal ball should be stored in a dark box, to avoid contamination. Also, while we are discussing contamination, it is vital that you do not allow anyone else to touch your crystal ball. The ball is highly susceptible to the absorption of energy, and cross contamination can distort images or worse, magnify negative energy and pass it onto you while you’re in a vulnerable trance state.

It is highly recommended that prior to use, a cleansing ritual and smudge is performed. This will clear the air and the ball of any residual energies that might disrupt the connection with the ball. Reduce and remove any items that could cause a reflection on the ball and distort the imagery. While candles are recommended for lighting, be cautious to reduce the amount of reflection the candles place on the ball itself. To also aid in the reading, it is advisable to place the ball on a dark cloth. This helps the images project with more clarity. Relax your body and mind and allow the crystal to lead you. Avoid the temptation to analyze or make sense of what you see in the moment, as this will disrupt your connection with the energies and potentially interrupt your trance. Instead, be open and welcoming of the images you are seeing, and make sense of them after the fact. When you have finished, take a moment to take some cleansing breaths and reconnect with the energies in the Earth. If you are in need of physical energy, a whole and satiating snack can often soften the recovery of the trance. Before putting the ball away, be sure to thank the ball for its energy and imagery.

Crystal gazing is an art that takes a great deal of practice. One of the most difficult aspects of using a crystal ball is being receptive to how the images present themselves and learning to trust your intuition in regards to them. Your intuition and subconscious WILL display the information that you need, even if it doesn’t seem to make sense at the time. With time, your images will become clearer, and as your connection with your ball deepens, so too will your ability to harness its power. – Emilie Moe

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