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  • Love Attraction Spiritual Bath By Emilie Moe

    Love Attraction Spiritual Bath By Emilie Moe Need help in love? The the magic of the nature help you in time of need my  friend. Here is my go to bath that I have created to help increase your Romance / Love life These natural ingredients when  placed in a bath can produce a incredible […]

  • Archangel Haniel – The Angel Of Psychics And Love

    Archangel Haniel – The Angel Of Psychics And Love Keywords: psychic, tarot reading, love The name of the Archangel Haniel signifies “God’s Glory” or “God’s Grace” and it is has very many variations such as Anael, Aniel, Hamiel, Onoel in old Hebraic texts, magical texts and amulets. She is also called Hanielle, manifesting a feminine […]

  • What is love?

    What is love? ”What is this thing called love? This funny thing called love.” –Cole Porter For as long as we have existed on this physical and mortal plain, the question of what love is, why love happens, and how we love has been asked repeatedly. Philosophers, poets, and musicians have delved into the emotional […]


    This is a prayer that has surely helped me and continues to do so. I felt that the writer Oba Ilari Aladokun knows all about the “Dating Game” her words make me feel greatly understood and gives me peace. It also gives comfort to those who has been looking for love in the wrong direction. […]

  • I Love Myself…Do I?

    I Love Myself…Do I? I love myself… Do I? Often times we consider ourselves as having love for ourselves, being confident and deserving of a good life. After all, this is what we say from the mouth out. However, internally, we are in a constant battle fighting the words of our past. We are taught […]

  • Playing Card divination on Romance

    Playing Card divination on Romance  Client wanted to know what can she expect from her romantic interest and what does he think about her. THis is a reading using the playing cards from ana cortez to receive clarity on this  question.  The first thing that pops out from this reading is that there are 3 […]