This is a prayer that has surely helped me and continues to do so. I felt that the writer Oba Ilari Aladokun knows all about the “Dating Game” her words make me feel greatly understood and gives me peace. It also gives comfort to those who has been looking for love in the wrong direction. I pray that this love prayer helps others as it is helps myself. Many Blessings . EMMY


Spirit of loneliness, hear me; spirit of desperation, hear me; spirit of grief, hear me; spirit of depression, hear me; spirit of the loved, hear me, for I know that I am worthy and deserving of love and affection.

Divine parent, you are the Creator of all, and I know that you created a significant other out there to love me–to care for me. Sometimes, divine parent, we blind ourselves to giving or receiving love out of pain or out of fear, and if I am closed and sheltered, I ask that you help me love and care for myself so that I can recognize real love when I see it

God most high, everyone wants to be loved and everyone wants companionship, but sometimes, out of carelessness and desperation, we choose the wrong mate. Sometimes we choose what we think we want and not necessarily what we need. So superior guides, please help me sort through the jumble and guide me in making the right choice.

With my eyes, let me see what is right. Let me be able to see through all the nonsense of those who feed off vulnerable hearts.

With my ears, let me hear all sweet nothings that I deserve to hear, and let no person hinder my self-confidence or disrespect me with bad or negative words.

With my heart, let me know when I have the right person in my path. And Shield my heart from all unnecessary pain distributed by any thoughtless being.

And, divine parent, until that time comes, continue to give me your unconditional love and grace. I know that I am not alone with you and my guardian angel by my side. I ask in the name of all that is holy, just, and pure in light and love. In the name if the most high, I pray.

OBA ILARI ALADOKUN. Ancestor Paths. Minneapolis: Two harbor Press,2009

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