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Venus Retrograde Series: Tarot Reader Emilie Moe Reveals Secrets Of Cartology [EXCLUSIVE]

B Tony Sokol (anthonys@dailyoffbeat.com) 25 Jul ’15 15:56pm

NEW YORK, July 25, 2015 /Daily Offbeat/ — Venus Retrograde only happens once every two years. Daily Offbeat will be exploring the planetary effects of this alignment as it runs its course. We started with a simple YouTube search and came upon Emilie Moe, a tarot card reader.

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The empathic Puerto Rican spiritualist has been reading the tarot for others since she was 11 years old when she was discovered to have a natural ability to read coffee cups by a local spiritualist in the Santeria tradition.

After college and a couple regular jobs, Moe became a full-time reader in 2009. She spoke exclusively with Daily Offbeat in a long phone conversation about a wide range of topics. Moe had an easygoing and comforting presence and said her readings were down to earth.

Emilie doesn’t get her messages directly from the client. She gets information from spiritual guides.  The Cardologist also reads Angel Oracle and playing cards. She has a vast collection of decks and wants to design her own Tarot deck.

As an Empath, Moe can feel what others are feelings and has to guard herself in crowds but that’s not a problem on YouTube

Who are you looking for in your YouTube audience?

I created my YouTube channel so people can know who I am and my interests. My channel offers my viewers different things in which I love.  I cover different topics about spirituality; discuss different forms of card divination, such as playing cards, lenormand, gypsy witch ,etc.; divination card reviews; Tarot interpretation; forecast; interviews with other mystics and also give astrology forecasts from time to time. Most recently, though, I started creating videos answering questions that my viewers have. There’s always a new topic to speak about.  My goal is to attract an audience of people with the same interests.

When you read tarot, do you interpret the cards as they are laid out or do they guide some kind of visionary information you’re getting?

I use my cards for guidance. My readings are never just based on the cards. I also connect with my intuition to give information.

Do you have to get into an altered state in order to get psychic premonitions?

Not always. Sometimes, while I am dreaming, during prayer or during meditation I receive premonitions but, it happens also during unaltered states such as during a reading with a client or while I am doing normal things such as washing the dishes. My psychic ability has no rest time especially when a message needs to be given it comes through altered states or not.

How do your messages appear to you?

Through dreams, intuitive sensations, hearing other voices and feelings.  Sometimes I receive a premonition like a movie scene. In a flash I can see in my mind’s eye different things.  This is not something that happens on cue though. These are things that happen depending on the connection and the information that needs to be related at that moment.  It’s funny, though at times now I find that I can lay out some cards and suddenly the image of the cards turn into something else. I would consider this card scrying divination. Did I  just create a new cartomancy category? During a reading with me you can expect to hear me say often “I see,” “I hear,” “I feel,” because I do. However the message is being channeled before me, I am letting the client know.

One thing that is important for everyone to know though about psychic ability which others often get confused is that yes though we are born with this gift it is like every other muscle that we have which, needs to be worked with often to strengthen. It takes tending, time and is a lifetime of never ending learning like every art.

What do you feel when you pass people on the street?

At this point I can block feeling the energy of people when I want to. I shield myself.  It’s a must because, us psychics have the tendency of absorbing the energies around us which can be harmful spirituality and physically.  Big compacted crowds tend to be a bit more challenging for me, though, and can be bothersome. It can be overwhelming when so many energies are surrounding me all at once.

What do you do to shield yourself from your empathy?

Shielding myself took some work. I have to ground and center myself. I spiritually cleanse myself with herbs such as sage. I keep certain crystals near me. I wrap my head as well. In my practice, we believe doing so protects your  your mind and your temple from negative energies.

Why do most people come to you?

Most people come to me for accurate information and to feel better. They like how I relate my messages, which is with compassion, non-judgmental and down-to-earth. I have heard everything from under the sun. I started reading at 11 years old. I have a personal site and also work on KEEN.com for years as a tarot reader which I have done literally thousands of readings for.  I am not the one to judge but to guide. Who am I to judge a person? For we all are human. I am no better than the next.  Life has it twists and turns we make mistakes and learn lessons. What may seem small and a little problem to one can be a crisis to another.

I think the worse ones are the ones that try to t try to sell you something after every reading. You will never encounter that in a reading with me. I am also a spiritualist. Instead of selling you a remedy for your situation, I will tell a person something that they can do for themselves spiritually to help them ease or aid them with their goal. My elders taught me this way. I believe it is only right to teach others how to help themselves as well.

Are you asked to do a lot of love spells?

People use to, often, but not currently. I am not a spiritual worker. My gift is to read and guide, not to conduct spiritual work.

What is the main form of healing that you do?

Emotional. As an empath, I feel energy but I can also send it. I can honestly say that most of my clients say that they feel better emotionally after speaking to me. It is not because I lie to them or tell them what they want to hear. It is because theway I give the message and they feel after speaking to me.  I feel that words have power and even more when you are sending energy of love, calmness and light along with it the message. Which I do always while reading someone.

What stops you from using these gifts for your own benefit?

Karma. It’s that simple. If you abuse the power and use it selfishly, it will happen to you as well. One of our purposes in life, I feel, is to elevate. I am a Lightworker. My blessings come from being aligned. I want to help people with it so they can in return help themselves. Living in darkness energy wise will only pull you down, I believe.

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