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Antiquarian Tarot Review by Emilie Moe

Antiquarian Tarot video Review by Emilie Moe.

You can  purchase this highly recommend  deck

Mini size: 2.25”×3.5” (57mm×89mm)  Smooth $39.00 Linden $42.00
Standard size: 2.75”×4.75” (70mm×120mm)  Smooth $47.00 Linden $50.00
Large size: 3.5”×5.75” (89mm×146mm) Linen $63.00

Each deck comes with a padded zipper case for protection and ease of travel.

I just love this deck it is everything vintage and antique with clip art pictures from the 19th century older artwork.  I just could not resist buying it after working with her other deck Antiquarian Lenormand  I just had to try this one out to. The price was right .

One of my favorite things about this deck is that comes in three sizes mini , standard and large. For those who have smaller hands and have been looking for a smaller deck which is easy to shuffle then this is the deck for you. I compare its size to the Hanson-Roberts tarot deck . The mini size is a bit smaller than the average playing card deck and widthwise smaller the the average lenormand deck.

For beginners If  you are worried about this deck being to advance for you to read. Have no fear, if you can read well with the Waite then you will be able to read well with this deck since, it is inspired from the Albano-Waite Tarot deck.

The card stock is a plus. You have two options Smooth finish which is the card stock of the standard Rider-Waite-Smith deck or the higher quality more durable card stock linen. I choosed the smooth finish because, I personally find the linen card stock to be a bit more slippery and I like my vintage looking card decks to age.

Maree Bento creator of this deck also included astrology signs and the planets. I always saw this as a plus for those who incorporate these things into their tarot readings. For me it is a great thing to determine timing and  give direction on the energy and of course when describing a person.

11694020_1502155310045200_5522083562913205657_nLast but, not least she has added two significator bonus cards.  One of a male receiving a reading and another of a female. Added bonuses is never a bad thing and what is better then two extra cards of psychics giving readings. Us Tarot readers and Psychics love these added additions 😉

Buy this deck you will not regret it.  The artwork is of real people and it clearly stems aways from those novelty fluffy , comic con , loud, to much activity  tarot decks.  Thank you Maree for  creating a tarot deck that I can connect with easily. Praise be to god. LOL

End Note: In no way shape or form was asked to do this review by Maree. I just simply like this deck and is a fan of her work. Praise is due when Praise is due.  Blessings. – Emilie Moe

And now onward to the video review…

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