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What is a Psychic Medium?

What is a Psychic Medium?

We are in an age of new-age searching and answers being searched for.  Many people call psychic hotlines to get their fortune foretold.  It would be easy to believe that a psychic and a medium are one in the same, but there is a difference.

Let’s focus on a medium for now and get in tune with what that definition is.  A medium is a person that has the ability to receive spiritual messages from the spiritual realm (ancestors, angel, the Divine, God…whatever you want to call it).

These messages are given in different forms depending on the type of gift that the person is entrusted with.  Some people see those that have passed on, others hear messages and others have dreams or get feelings.

However these messages are received, they all have something in common….they hold truths that nobody else would know except the person that is about to be given the message by the medium.  The messages can be answers to unanswered questions, solutions to a problem that seems impossible or simply a word of comfort and compassion.

Mediums are spiritually sensitive and can also absorb different energies that can give a better understanding of what the message is really trying to say.  I’d be bold enough and say that all mediums are psychic but all psychics are not mediums.  Psychics can be those that use divination tools to obtain answers like pendulums, tarot cards, scribing, numerology.   Mediums don’t utilize tools necessarily.  They are just connected to the Spirit 24/7.  It doesn’t shut off.  And the messages are random for mediums.  A medium doesn’t receive a message at force.  It literally flows for a specific purpose and need.  Some messages are unannounced while others can be channeled at a specifically.

There are two kinds of mediumship…physical and mental.  A physical medium can channel information physically or in a trance.  Mental mediums just get their information by using the mental part and tuning into the senses (sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing).

Some people have a combination of mediumship and psychic abilities.  They are able to get a strong sense of intuition (sixth sense) and also communicate with spirits to channel information to a client.

I would say that in order to know whether or not someone is legitimate, watch out for too many leading questions or constant fear being spat out.  A truly connected person to Spirit will never condemn.  Even when bringing correction, it comes from a place of love and empathy.   It’s not always easy to spot a phony, but follow your own intuition because we ALL have it.

Don’t allow a person to spin you into a web of fear and anguish.  Any person working in spiritual works should always be light in dark places and bring peace.  So listen to your inner warnings so that your money isn’t being abused.

As I experience more and more development in my gifts, I will continue to share information with you.  This is an ongoing learning experience.  Each season brings new insight and I’m excited to share it.   Be blessed!

To be Continued… Next to come  Tarot readers and spiritualist .
Emilie Moe

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