7 signs you are spiritually awakening

7 Signs You Are Spiritually Awakening By 7 Spiritualist

7 Signs You Are Spiritually Awakening By 7 Spiritualist

7 Signs you are spiritually awakening by 7 spiritualist.  How do you know you are awakening spirituality? Are there clear signs that tell you, you are transitioning?  Yes, yes they are. Transcending from the mundane world into spirituality takes time. This is not an over night process and takes hard work within that starts to ripple the effects of changes throughout your entire environment. Your complete world as you have known it to be, starts to turn into a more brighten interconnect universe filled with endless possibilities. You start to shift into a state of just being as new lenses has been placed upon your eyes and your life changes. The question is how do you know? Here are seven different trust worthily spiritualist with each of their own  sign from their personal experiences on a sign that appeared in their life as they transition. What is amazing is that some of us even come from different spiritual backgrounds yet we all agree on the same signs and have similar spiritual awakening experiences. God is in everything and everywhere. God has no religion. Read on and see if these signs apply to you.

7 Signs you are spiritually awakening by 7 spiritualist, andrea wilson#1 – A deep desire or push to seek out God/Divine – By Ambrozine LeGare

When a person feels a deep desire or push to seek out God, to feel spiritually fulfilled when their current religious beliefs or path does not cause them to grow and move forward they often begin to seek knowledge and satisfaction by studying other spiritualities or trying to fill the void that they feel.  Awakening to God or deity of your choice can be as simple as recognizing the miracles all around you or letting go of the ideologies that create isms and actually puts huge barriers between you & the God that you seek. Awakening to what is already and has been here can be as simple as letting go of doctrine & embracing the Divine.

Ambrozine LeGare – Spiritual Counselor – Ambrozinelegare@gmail.com – Facebook

7 Signs you are spiritually awakening by 7 spiritualist, Sancista Brujo Luis#2 –  You begin to enjoy times alone with yourself – By Sancista Brujo Luis

You begin to enjoy times alone with yourself and look at the world with a new profound wonder, which can only be compared to that of a child. Everything is new everything has life, everything needs to be explored, and small things bring wonder. You live in the moment, and in the present, in the here, and in the now, you remember your past but don’t dwell on it but focus instead on the beauty of the skies, and the brightness of the sun and then you realize, I am alive, I am here, I am present, and I have the potential for daily growth.

Sancista Brujo Luis – Sancista – Facebook –  Youtube 

7 Signs you are spiritually awakening by 7 spiritualist, Karen Lovero #3 –  Manifestations  – By Karen Lovero

Become almost instantaneous or much much faster. I noticed that throughout the day I will think of something and it will happen or I’ll think of a person and they will contact me. I began to think to myself did I know that was going to happen, or did I manifest that? Most of the people I have talked to about this sign say they have had an amazing increase in their level of manifestation abilities and timing. This can be a good or bad thing, since I have manifested things I wish I could un-manifest very quickly. This is why as highly sensitive spiritual individuals we are constantly reminded by our guides, and others like us to keep our thoughts positive. Daily affirmations have helped me tremendously to manifest a beautiful reality and keep my thoughts light and healthy. Imagine positive light surrounding all of your thoughts each day.  This can create a very powerful effect on your relationships, situations, and the world. Remember we are all true creators at our core.

Karen Lovero – Angel Reader –  Facebook  – Facebook Group – http://www.galeminchew.com/Books

7 Signs you are spiritually awakening by 7 spiritualist, kristian moe #4 – Overwhelming sensations from the outside world – Kristian Moe

One critical sign that you are having a spiritual awakening is overwhelming sensations from the outside world. You might find yourself wanting to be more withdrawn from people, and wanting to be alone. Being hypersensitive, as this is commonly referred to, is a sign that you are opening up, and is a necessary (but extremely challenging ) process in the separation of ego
(your own thoughts and feelings) from outside perception and spirit.

Kristian Moe – Houngan  – http://www.vodou.no/YouTube Facebook 

7 Signs you are spiritually awakening by 7 spiritualist, Ursula Brana #5 – Questioning –  Youth Mentor – By Ursula Brana 

One that is an indicator that you’re awakening is questioning. You begin to question old ideals and conditioning that have been imposed since childhood. For example, if you grew up in a very “churchy” environment, you may begin to question if the teachings are truth or if they are opinion. You may start to ponder the concept of God and how God has been presented. You begin to analyze introspectively and really nit pick at your patterns in relationships, jobs and even thoughts about yourself. Everything suddenly is philosophized. At times, all these questions that arise can seem frustrating and may even cause a slight sense of guilt. However, it’s ok. You have to allow yourself the ability to question things. You have to learn your own truth and walk in that truth. Sometimes that questions cannot be spoken out loud and they don’t need to be. The answers will come at the right time in the right manner. And when that happens…well, it’s rapture. Your spirit leaps and your entire being is awakened. Suddenly things make sense in a different way and you can never go back to the old ways.

Youth Mentor – Hadassah Ministriesinc By Ursula Brana –  Facebook

7 Signs you are spiritually awakening by 7 spiritualist, Luz Quiñones#6 –   A deep desire to help others – By Luz Quiñones

 The process of awakening spiritually stimulates a deep desire to help others. As our consciousness elevates, we begin to understand that we are spiritual fragments of a larger whole. Taking care of our own well being, simply isn’t enough for us and we’ll start looking for ways to make the world a better place. You’ll start being more aware and conscious of how you speak, how you carry yourself and how your interactions affect each person you come into contact with. A person that is in the process of spiritual awakening understands that a simple act of love and compassion towards a stranger can make the world a better place. Ego separates. Love unites.

Luz Quiñones –  Astrologer – Spiritualist –   www.luzquinones.com –  Facebook 

7 Signs you are spiritually awakening by 7 spiritualist , emilie moe#7 –  Change in relationships – By Emilie Moe

When I started on my spiritual path I noticed a great shift in my interest in life. The things that I use to have as  a primary interest such as hanging out in social group settings for fun, partying, clothing, music taste, hobbies and yearning of things of the mundane changed. When this happened naturally my peers around me also started to changed because, my interest became different.  As I peeled off  layers of the old me like clothes I attracted to new relationships of similar interests of spirituality.. Within time I saw that many of the older friendships were gone  and the ones that did survive this transition became even more powerful because, they truly accepted me in total of who I was. It was not that I was better then these individuals but, that we went on different paths  and out grew each other.  Everyone comes into our lives for different reasons and not all are to stay with us throughout our entire journey.

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