Emilie’s Easiest Tarot Spread

The Easiest Tarot Spread

The Easiest Tarot Spread

The Easiest Tarot Spread

The Easiest Tarot Spread. Are you looking for an easy go to tarot spread that you can use to answer any basic question? Are you also looking for a tarot spread that has few cards, gives straight forward answers and leaves little room for confusion?  Try out this  simple tarot spread that I have created. It has had and continues to answers any questions  from love , career, to money and more for me and can for you as well. In just five cards your question will be answered. Try it out yourself and let me know how it goes. 


The Easiest Tarot Spread

Step One:

Ground yourself  – Shuffle your cards  – Ask the question to the tarot – Cut the cards – Draw five cards in the form of the tarot spread in the picture above.

Step Two:

Outcome Tarot Cards. Read the outcome two cards together.( The heart of the reading/ The middle of the spread)  This is your answer if it will be a yes or a no , The ending outcome feelings,   what is to happen regarding this question, etc.

Step Three:

Influence Tarot Cards. Read the influence cards. One by One.  In life we want to know why will things happen. A yes or no answer for me is not just good enough.  When I receive a question from a client after giving them a prediction of what is the outcome they want to know why and/or when.  Read each Influence card to explain to you why the outcome answer is the outcome.

Step Four:

Advice Tarot Card. There is nothing like spiritual advice. In all I  do I seek spiritual advice. For me it is very important always to ask the message from spirit during a tarot reading because, we may be missing something from the puzzle. When we are to tied into the situation we can be blinded at the real message behind this situation. This advice card will give you even more clarity and see outside of the box of this situation . I have always found this card to be the message that I hold to heart with the reading.

And that is it. Simple as pie right? There are very elaborate spreads that goes into great detail but, with tarot it does not have to be an elaborate big tarot spread to give great information.  The famous Celtic cross tarot spread for me as a beginner was over whelming.  It felt as if it dragged on with the information instead of answering my question directly only leaving myself feeling insecure with my tarot reading.  A big tarot spread  for a tarot reader beginner can be to complicated to handle. It can take up space be time consuming  and confusing.  Keep it  simple at first and then move up to bigger ones. Always take notes and take pictures of your tarot spreads.  I take pictures ALWAYS of my tarot spreads. Isn’t having a cellphone great? 😉

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Wondering what tarot cards I am using? It’s the beautiful StarChildTarot  . Pricey  but, worth your buck. The cards are you unique , the card stock is amazing and it has  golden edges. <3

Have a wonderful bless day and may the tarot always guide you in your life questions.

Emilie Moe  ( Emmy  )

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