St. Hedwig relief patron of debt and suffering

St. Hedwig relief patron of debt and suffering

Nicias Ballard Cooksey once said, “There are but few things that crush the life out of one like a burden of debt. They break our spirit, crush our ambitions, destroy our homes, and drive us in to despair as nothing else can do.” Anyone who has known the pain and the hardship of debt, knows this feeling all too well. The pain and agony that can be associated with debt can truly disrupt our entire spirit, and pull us off the path of why we were put on this physical realm for.

For those who are burdened as such, St. Hedwig is there to provide relief and guidance. As the protector of the poor and those in debt, St. Hewig is sought out to show love, support, guidance, and protection to those who are experiencing money problems and debt. As a widow who experienced the death of five of her six children, her life was dedicated to the poor, the abandoned, and unfortunate.

She is honored with a feast on October 16th annually where revelers seek out her protection and guidance from bad debts, money owed, lost jobs, outstanding bills, and other financial troubles. Much as she did in the physical world, Hedwig extends her love and protection to those who are burdened and less fortunate.

If you do not want to wait until October to attend her feast, a novena is often said for St. Hedwig, a prayer that is said for nine days straight that include your request for protection. Below is the novena for St. Hedwig:

O St Hedwig, in this world you rejected the honors of the Court, its pomp, luxury and pleasures, and went to be with the poor to help them in the destitution and misery of life. There in Heaven, cast a kind look on us poor mortals, and obtain for us the grace (mention your request) and that of living in the peace and friendship of God.

The toll that debt and money problems take on your life go far beyond the impact on your bank account. Debt and money problems can cause a darkness and hardness within your heart, and the best way to counteract the negative impacts is to reach out to the spiritual world for protection and guidance. St. Hedwig will be open to you if you ask her to be, but you must be ready to open yourself in return.

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