Dear: New Tarot Reader / Tarot Business Venturer

Dear: New Tarot Reader / Tarot Business Venturer

In this writing I am looking to speak to the tarot reading beginners out there, the true lovers of the craft with the passion and drive to emerge from your respective divining shelters as tarot hobbyists and join me in turning your prophesizing passion into a full-fledged and successful personal business.
If you happen to fall into the aforementioned enthusiast category then my message is for you!
Here are some things that I feel will help you get a good start. The following pages compile together a list of the most helpful tips that I have personally followed as a tarot lover and reader throughout the years. These insights have helped me greatly and I would like to pass on that aid and information on to you.

Tip #1; Join at least two social media groups which have other tarot reading members.

Social media is now the fastest and often easiest way to connect with others with the same interest both near and far. I love the “Tarot – Spirituality – Divination” community on Facebook, Instagram and now also on Periscope.  I can honestly say I have met some amazing people who also have a genuine passion for what I love doing, I have befriended some and learned from many more and felt even less like the outsider I always felt I was. The Facebook groups are often very interactive and are a good way to promote yourself as a reader, to network with other readers and enthusiasts and of course to learn from some very talented people. Were it not for social media groups I still think I would not even know what the Lenormand is!

Here is a list of some of the top Facebook divination and/or tarot groups that I feel will interest you the most.
. Paris Debonos Group: Tarot Tarot Tarot. – Big fan of Paris Debon’s work here! The man himself is incredibly creative, wonderfully expressive and alone has created over 300 different decks!
The group itself currently retains around 6,000 members. The group members are mostly all down to earth, funny, open-minded and positive individuals.
Any negativity or discrimination is not permitted in this group and this is a place known for allowing people to feel free to be who they are while they enjoy a relaxed and calming learning environment.
Tons of varying tarot exercises has been created by the Paris Debonos Group and the easygoing learning process allows for even the seemingly most silly of questions to be answered without judgement.
Be ready to feel welcomed!

. Tarot Professionals  – This is Marcus Katz’s group and yes you guessed it, the group is truly professional.  This group is over 17,000 members strong and it is here that you will find some of the pro’s of the pro’s, of the tarot reading field.  The Tarot Professionals group also is a great way to stay connected with several individuals tarot blogs, new tarot books,  tarot decks, the Tarotcon convention , Tarot seminars, Tarot webinars, tarot community networking and source for all tarot related questions.

In addition you are allowed to post any advertisement  but,  you must be a paying member of their tarot association. The website for that association is Paying to advertise is obviously not an issue for some considering there are almost 17,000 active members of Tarot Professionals  group and their tarot association has many perks which is a bargain if you ask me.

I do have a bit of advice when asking a question of these kinds of large groups. Before asking a question be prepared to be answered by a number of people with varying number of opinions ,have an open mind and try not to take things personally if you do not agree with one opinion.  This group is always being monitored which is one thing that I like and that any form of harassment or free tarot reading begging will be given the boot.

.Tarotholics Anonymous – Are you completely obsessed with Tarot? Are you a card collecting fanatic? Then this is the group for you, my friend! Whenever I have a question about tarot and need to find out either a name of a  tarot deck I want from the past or even  of one that is current this is the group I always go to. They’re just as die-hard fanatics and lovers of tarot as me. They can help you find about anything tarot wise. You are  also allowed to advertise in this group for free but, only on certain selected days.

. Tarot Marketplace – If you are looking to buy a new tarot deck and  you’re tired of the ones in your local book store shelf t or looking looking to sell anything else tarot related you should definitely check out this group. 99% of my  tarot decks or anything tarot related comes from  from online sources, this is one of my sources. I see someone post about it and guess what? I BUY IT. I particularly like exclusive decks and it is groups like this that I find them.  Tarot Marketplace has over 5,000 happy members for a reason.

#2; Have confidence in your craft.

There is nothing that puts doubt in your client’s mind about you than when you doubt the responses of your own readings.  Having confidence in yourself and in your craft will help you overcome many obstacles and knowing that you are a living oracle whose gifts are guiding others.

Know that you are channeling messages from the divine and working with the tools at hand to give the most accurate information to the person receiving a reading that you can possibly offer. KNOW IT!! Proclaim it and practice until you know this! Repeat it daily if necessary. As we know, prepetition leaves an imprint. I have found that since I owned this belief my readings have been clearer, my clients believed more in me and my information has been more accurate.
You are connected to the divine, to your client, to your cards and to the information as it just flows. It just is.

#3; Do not compare yourself to other tarot readers and practitioners.

We are all unique and divine. We have our own special style that will attract the clients who connect with us. So please, if you’ve already started, stop comparing yourself to others. If you have not, DON’T START! This is not tarot the competition and you do not have to be like the next reader to be what a client would deem to be a good reader.
When I first started thinking about reading professionally this was a major block of mine. I thought that I just did not fit into the tarot professional world because of how I looked, how I sounded and because of my age. Ageism was a big thing at the time, so were my tattoos, so was my style…or SO I THOUGHT!
When I finally opened up and just let the energies flow unabated my confidence shined through my readings and the rest, as they say, was history.
People enjoy readings more when they get to speak to a real person, having a real human giving them thoughtful and personal readings  not filled with fluffy clouds and shiny rainbows blissfully walking by the ocean.
I am a New Yorker, down to earth Latina Puerto Rican woman , spiritualist who comes from a very compassionate and affectionate family. That is the person who my clients are getting a reading from. Me! Not some random “spiritualist” they saw on T.V or somewhere else, who is an automated online bot or person with a plastic smile.  And you know what?………. This is why my clients like me, because of ME, and because I am not parading around trying to be someone else.
Be confident in who you are as a reader.  Answering these questions to yourself may help.  What kind  practitioner are you?  What’s your own personal style of reading? And why do you read the way you do?

#4; Write down your own personal meanings for each and every card.

I found that writing my own card meanings and interpretations for every card helped me remember it and own its definition.  Know that this will take time.
The standard tarot deck has 78 cards in total.  Just thinking about going through all 78 cards seems quite daunting but taken bit by bit the task becomes less daunting and certainly quite manageable.
I find it easiest to come up with two or three keywords for each card and then move on to another card. These keys words might change throughout the years for you and more than likely you will add more words to each list for your cards.
Writing it down proclaims that meaning to you for that time and stores it in your memory. This is a great starting point for new tarot readers. I still treasure my old note books. Just going back to those old composition notebooks means everything to me now. I couldn’t imagine my work without that foundation.

#5; Coming out the Tarot Closet.

Oh my, coming out the Tarot closet, whatever does that mean?
It’s that final leap of where you fully declare that this is the real you, proclaim it to the world and then invite the world to see you as you are.
Embrace the phrase “I’m in love with Tarot and Tarot Loves Me!”  “Yes world, we are in love with each other!”
What a scary experience this can be for some of you. You may be holding back because you are scared that others will judge you, choose to not speak to you again, make fun of you, and believe that you are evil and/or doing the Devil’s work or just trying to hustle  gullible people for some easy money.

The truth of the matter is that some will feel that way about your work. That is right. I said that they will because, this is the truth. I’ve seen it time and time again as have all tarot practitioners at some point.
When I decided to finally put my skills into use as a profession I lost friends and some of my family did not speak to me any longer. I was made fun of. People did not take me seriously and yes, some did think I was working hand in hand with the Devil.
Guess what though? Even though these things happened to me I still made a lot of new friends, real friends too! Friends that had the same interest and passion for what I loved and many people that believed in me and in my gifts.

I also came into alignment with one of my purposes of this life time and nothing freed me as much as that. I felt as if I had wings and I truly could fly! A great weight was lifted off of me and I loved me so much just for being me.
No more hiding my cards, books, or other divination things around family or so called friends. I have embraced myself to the fullest.  Another major plus was that I was able to conduct business the way I wanted to. Within time it all came together as it was supposed to. It first required me to come out the closet and expose who I was to the world.  The brave, bold move gave me wings to finally soar!

#6; Realize that endeavoring to do readings full time will takes time.

If you decided that you want to move ahead in doing tarot readings full time you have to accept the fact that within the first year you will not be doing this full time. Just like any other business venture it takes time to build. Most of us who now do tarot readings full time started off juggling another  job (or jobs) before being able to dive headlong into a full time tarot reader business. With effort, consistency, and a willingness to keep odd hours here and there, you will make it, trust. 

#7; Hire a spiritual business mentor  or tarot specific business mentor with verifiable experience.

Lastly, what really helped me once I went pro was to transform my practice into a professional business. Business mentors who have been in our shoes and can offer us genuine information.  Words from the wise cannot and should not be overlooked if you seek to advance as a tarot professional.
Having a mentor can save you years of trial and error and allow you to get right to the heart of what really needs accomplished.
I have worked with a few business mentors myself and have gained much from the experience. One of those mentors, Sue Ellis, who is mainly a spiritual business coach, she will help you get the all the spiritual business basics down with ease. Susan was my stability, my solid foundation. Her advice got me organized to the T and helped me built my business ever upwards.
There is another mentor’s aid that I greatly benefitted from. Her name is Teresa Reed, “The Tarot Lady” herself! My lord, this woman’s email reading  mentoring coaching advice is absolutely golden infomation.  She’s well known for a reason. The tarot lady sure does know her stuff!
Last but most certainly not least, the other Tarot study boss, the great “Ms. Ethony”.
Her new 3 month “Tarot Boss” coaching class is a one on one business coaching course and it’s sure to put you above and beyond your initial goals and into a whole new bracket of knowledge and understanding.  If you are looking pass the Tarot Business 101 then this is the mentor for you.

I pray that this has helped many on their tarot reading journey . Blessings . Emilie Moe

Click Here  to book a reading with me . Telephone shy or just do not have time for a phone/Skype tarot reading ?  E-mail readings are just as accurate and detailed.  You can opt for one here.

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  • […] Emelie Moe gives the low down on what it takes for a new tarot entrepreneur to get going.  (She also gave me a sweet little mention!) […]

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