Temptress Tarot Deck

Temptress Tarot Deck Review

Temptress Tarot Deck Review

Temptress Tarot Deck Review. I do not do many reviews on tarot decks but, this  tarot deck caught my eye. It deserves much more praise and attention that it has originally received. Therefore, I have opt to do a tarot review of it in hopes that others will see the beauty that I see and support this fine artist on her tarot  journey in her tarot deck  creation. Hopefully this will inspire her to create more.

Temptress Tarot Deck

The Temptress tarot deck was created by Michele grey-hartsoe. This is her  first tarot deck she has created and is also an author, illustrator and artist. Her passion is to  create art that compelled tells stories and make images that move people.  She is  from Las Vegas, NV, United States  and started Drawing in 2014 and Established her publishing company in January of 2015.  Michele grey-hartsoe also has a YouTube channel that can be found here .  As mentioned on her online store:


She decided to do this deck because she has always had a very keen interest in mystical, magical, and metaphysical ideas. She believes that the world is what we make of it and there is great power in our thoughts and beliefs.  She also, plans to do more decks and expand my knowledge and comprehension of each individual card of the Tarot and Oracle. For this deck she decided she really wanted to do something intimate. Faces are one of the most emotion provoking and interesting things that we coTemptress Tarot Deck Majorsnnect with as humans.  like many of the other decks she has seen but I wanted to do something that was my interpretation of the cards.  The images are based on the Rider-Waite meanings. Michele grey-hartsoe  also states that As a writer she become attached to images and ideas so she is trying to make each character exude and reflect what it should. She wanted the deck to be fully capable of giving a very powerful reading for yourself or others. Michele grey-hartsoe has also written 3 books but this is my first attempt at a Card Deck and she is beyond excited to share this with the world.

If you would like to purchase her tarot deck called Temptress Tarot you can buy it HERE www.temptresstarot.com. This is a LIMITED EDITION TAROT DECK MEANING ONLY 100 IN TOTAL ARE FOR SALE. Michele grey-hartsoe also has another website where you can  find many different of her art works for sale HERE Originally this was a kick stater campaign which has been successful backed about a month ago.Temptress Tarot Deck

After reading with this tarot deck all day today I can say that they do shuffle like a dream. At first I thought that the card stock would be flimsy but, to my  surprise they were not at all. Her colorful artistic cards is  bold with color and pops.  I like that this is a modern tarot deck with modern themed style in clothing and wear. The facial expression in every card makes it easy to connect with the deck. I am a big rider waite tarot fan and I felt that every card displayed a similar meaning to the original  rider waite tarot .  Any new beginner can easily read with this  deck.  Especially the younger generation would have a special attraction to it. It is a warm tarot deck that is very inviting and combines all shades of color skin tones.  It makes me  feel alive and I believe it will be an easy tarot deck to read with to give character  descriptions if a person asks for characteristics in a tarot reading about another person. You can tell that Michele payed close attention to the faces and that these characters are people who mean something to her.  It looks very personal and was done with her heart. There is also a companion  book  that comes along with this  deck that I have yet  to buy but can be purchased  HERE.

As pre say our conversation on asking why she  decided to create this tarot deck Michele  says  ” I spent most of my 20’s in the film, fashion and modeling industry. I rediscovered art in 2014, I started drawing everyday and trying to learn and expand my skills. I have been writing stories for most of my life so in 2015 I decided to launch Sugar Pill Publishing on Kickstarter. 116 backers pledged $6,091 to bring my Illustrated Cookbook, THE COMFORTABLE VEGAN to life. I Published 2 other books, The Vegan ABC Book and Ms. Thorn’s Home for Wicked Children. In 2016 I decided to take my hand at a Tarot deck. I have always been a fan of the art and mysteries of the Cards. I decided to base my deck on the Rider-Waite-Smith deck since it is most universally used. I did my best to create an accurate depiction so that they would be a good deck for readings as well as a fun deck for Collectors. I am still new to art and learning constantly but I am very proud of my deck because every piece was made with a lot of heart. I have laid out themes and plans to make a few more Tarot decks. As my understanding and knowledge of the cards grows I think each deck will become deeper and more refined. This feels like an exciting new adventure for me and I am hoping it serves the readers well and that they get a lot of good use out of my cards.”

I like that all the  suites have the same color wardrobe but my favorite cards are the  six of wands , four of coins and the king of  cups of course.  The six of wand shows a complete victory .  She  screams with joy and laughs at her opponents who tried to take her down. He body leans forward as if her entire being is happy. She is so happy that she WON.  The six  of wands is shown here at its full glory.

Another one of my favorites is of course the David bowie cards as the  king of cups. Just the simple fact Temptress Tarot Deckas a fan seeing him here as a tarot card makes it even more of an amazing tarot deck. She drew him to the T. It looks just like him yet she blended the boat and the cup to show his water sign. Many fans loved him so much and he had a big heart what a way to memorialize another artist.

When I  asked Michele grey-hartsoe  why she chosen David Bowie as her king of cups she had this to say ” I’m a huge fan too! I was in middle of creating this deck when news broke of his passing. Since I am a small company I decided to make a last minute change and draw David Bowie as my king of cups and I feel like he fits the character. I have always been inspired by his ability to create amazingly effective characters and influence the world with his music.”  Here is an exclusive sample from her soon to release PDF of her art/guide book Page for the King of Cups.

The last thing that I have to mention is that this  tarot deck is The size is 3.5″ by 5.5  which I feel is a perfect size being that the art work is so detailed in their faces I feel that this is a perfect size for these cards. If you was to shrink it, it just would not give you the same connection with each card. Big faces is the main theme in this tarot deck. shrinking it would just water down the the personal connection to each tarot card I feel.  If you are a facebooker You can follow Michele grey-hartsoe on facebook here.

Thank you for  creating such a wonderful tarot deck Michele grey-hartsoe

Emilie Moe  ( Emmy )


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