The Magical Uses of the Herkimer Diamond Crystal

The Magical Uses of the Herkimer Diamond Crystal

The Magical Uses of the Herkimer Diamond Crystal

The Magical Uses of the Herkimer Diamond Crystal. Using natural crystals and diamonds for their benefits and amazing properties is a very old practice, dating from ancient times. The reason behind it is that crystals are materialized forms of Earth’s frequencies, the natural frequencies that resonate with nature and all the living beings populating our planet. One of my favorite crystals that I use to re-balance and unlock natural energies is the Herkimer diamond crystal that I absolutely love.

Herkimer Crystal History and Description:

This special crystal got its name from the northern US county of Herkimer, where it was first discovered by the Mohawk Indians. These crystals have been held in high esteem by the Indians because of their unique form with the double termination at both ends and crystal clear appearance. It is said that the Herkimer crystals date back from the Cambrian given this is the age of the lodestone they were found in.
The Herkimer crystal is not a diamond,, but a special form of rock crystal with 18 facets and 2 points, in the form of a candy with 2 pointed ends. This quartz crystal is transparent in color and with black colored Goethe intrusions at time or other impurities and has the aspect of glass.

Quartz-rhqtz-95bWhat Makes the Herkimer Diamond Crystal Special?

This rare crystal is very rare due to its unique form and is very popular in jewelry as well as healing stones. Yes, the Herkimer crystal is famous for being a very efficient healing crystal, this being the reason I love it so much. This crystal has a powerful protecting role on the health of the wearer.
This wonderful crystal helps eliminate toxins, and strong detox effect and prevents the development of tumors. It  also helps correct genetic defects, helps balance the metabolism and is great with mild insomnia. The Herkimer crystal has the power to amplify the body’s inner healing power and it also helps purify the chakras by opening the energy channels in the body.
Besides soothing the body, the Herkimer crystal also helps sooth the mind by calming headaches and tensions, in the end bringing a state of calm and peace to the mind. You can use the crystal for complete relaxation, thus being a great tool for meditation as well.

Why I Love this stone being a psychic and a spiritualist?

And we have come to the most important part of this article where you will understand why the Herkimer crystal is such a special stone. These stones are called crystals of initiations because what they do is absolutely magical.

The Herkimer crystals are famous for their properties to help you concentrate and meditate, so you can use them anytime you want to achieve this state of relaxation. Even more, if you’re looking for a crystal to help amplify your psychic experiences, the Herkimer crystal is what you need. With the help of this mighty diamond you can have visions and glimpses into the future and even amazing astral projections.
Used while meditating, it brings mental power, clarity regarding the past and the future and they increase your capacity to make the best decisions with clarity and precision.

It also helps you come in complete harmony with the universe, the divinity, the world your own self, so it’s safe to say that the Herkimer crystal is a magical crystal and from my experience, one of the best crystals in esoteric and spiritual practices. This is one of the reasons I love this crystal so much.
This diamond crystal plays an important protection role, keeping the wearer away from bad energies and dangerous radiations. In exchange, it brings light and positive energies to even the most hidden parts of our mind. In this sense, many people uses it to convey positive thoughts and energies to others or any positive energies or even healing ones. Still, the positive benefits of this wonderful crystal are far from over, which makes it such a complex piece of crystal, and one of my favorite.

How to Use the Herkimer Crystal

There’s many practices where you can use the Herkimer crystal, such as meditation, prayer, Reiki or other unconventional therapies.
You can enjoy the benefit properties of this crystal by simply wearing it around your neck and thus stay connected all the time to the divine energy. It’s important that you take the crystal off from time to time, and use it as a barrier between yourself and a source of bad energies.
By placing a Herkimer crystal at each corner of your room, you create a protection net that keeps you away from bad vibes or low frequencies. The Herkimer crystal is also recommended for people who part for a definite period of time around their necks because it facilitates a deeper, telepathic connection.

It’s great when worn by both the patient and practitioner during unconventional therapies for that needed energetic bond. Wearing a Herkimer crystal while doing a dream remembering sessions, karmic encounters or tarot/astrology predictions is also of great help.
Given the tremendous benefits it brings, wearing a piece of Herkimer diamond crystal around your neck is not just for the sake of accessorizing, but rather connecting, keeping negative energies out of your aura and helping your body stay in great health all the time. It’s worth it!

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God bless and may your journey of connecting with earths natural gems be ever. – Emilie Moe  ( Emmy )

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